Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Lesson in Patience






Ever since the Gypsy Kids moved back here in January and Matilda has been coming over to Grammy's house, Velcro has tolerated it by hiding or running away. But today she seemed more receptive. Well she did after she had hidden behind some fern on the roof terrace and then gone out the door downstairs at a later time.

Although Matilda is only three years old, she is very, very intuitive and also listens when you explain things to her.
Smart kid. So I told her that if she would just be patient and wait for Velcro to come to her THEN she could pet her.
I didn't know if it would happen today, but someday she would.

As I was watching what was unfolding, I grabbed the camera and quietly snapped these photos. Priceless.

Voila, she and I are up on my bed coloring and the ensuing scene was too precious not to share with you. She colored a picture and then, on her own, held it up to tell Velcro all about it. I'm sure they do that at preschool but it was still adorable.

In a few minutes, when Velcro was still on the edge of the bed, she scooted over and just laid there watching her, not trying to pet her or anything. LOVE this photo. The look of expectancy on her face!

I expected Velcro to bolt at any second but as you can see she stayed and endured, or enjoyed all the attention and petting from Matilda. Rubbing Velcro under her chin added bliss for Velcro. This photo makes me laugh.

At the end of this adventure, Matilda looked up at me and said, "Grammy, Velcro likes me." How true Matilda - who wouldn't?
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Life's a Beach! said...

How adorable!!!

1st Mate said...

Velcro's just too smart to get cozy with a kid until he knows she will be gentle and treat him like the king he is.

Babs said...

Glad you liked it Beck........have fun at the beach!
First Mate - your post is very intuitive and observant - except Velcro is a Queen......
ANd, amazingly, today I met someone who 20 years ago had a cat named Velcro! Can you believe that?

Matthew Smith said...

Wow! How neat you could capture this in photos. You know cats are a good judge of character. Matilda is so precious. Jan in Mississippi

Mic said...

I too agree...both adorable and priceless :-)

Unknown said...

Great photo essay! I love Velcro!

Babs said...

Thanks Jan, Mic and Laurie....It was one of those spontaneous things that if I had planned it it would never have happened.

Glad you enjoyed!