Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gayle's Moving In!


The Universe moves in mysterious ways! Who would have ever thought........... Here's the story.

Gayle and I met a little over six years ago. I liked her individuality. Her style of dress and her past were unique and interesting to me. She hailed from Northern California, need I say more? We actually met before she even moved here. She was "hell bent" on buying a place in Pozos, the relatively abandoned mining town about 45 minutes from here.

She did. She bought on the main street. A house with a central courtyard and all the rooms exposed to that courtyard. Magic was worked on the place with paint and decor and some remodeling. She loved the house. On the other hand, little social interplay is available there except with the dozen or so people available to talk with.

So she rented an apartment here in town. Perfect for a while, but exhausting to be here during the week and in Pozos on the weekends. Not to mention the additional cost. She opened a shop selling vintage clothing. It is enormously successful. We don't see each other that often. But, heck, that's how good friends are.........

Gayle loves my property. She always wanted to live in the Guest House. That never seemed a possibility. She had put her house in Pozos up for sale, but, selling anything, anywhere, in this area isn't happening. For the most part. Lo and behold, several days before her contract ran out with a realtor, the house sold.

She called. She wanted to rent the guest house........for a LONG time. I was flabbergasted. And thrilled. It's not that I haven't enjoyed having people here on a monthly basis. It's been fun to meet so many people. But, it is way more work and concern.

Things like "Are they going to like it?" "Will everything be ok?" "Will they be happy with the weather?" "Will there be a loud celebration with fireworks while they are here?" I'm not much of a perfectionist anymore. I am sensitive though to the fact that people are paying for a vacation.

It is so much easier when someone rents who has been a resident of San Miguel for a while. They know what to expect. They know about the weather and the noise, once a year. And I do have a group of workers for things that need to be repaired in a timely manner. Manana is ingrained in us.

So, the hardly possible is happening. After the renter in July, the Guest House will be rented to my friend Gayle, for a long time.

How divine!
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Calypso said...

Great to have a friend and a renter ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

I hope I will get to meet her.

July is fast approaching.

1st Mate said...

Sounds like a great time in your life to have a good friend nearby, I'm envious!

Michael Dickson said...

Lucky you and Lucky Gayle. I wondered for a moment if you were gonna boot ole Cotton.

Babs said...

Yes indeed Calypso........and someone who has been in Mexico for a number of years.
Steve, you probably will.
1st Mate - I'm sure you have many friends up there with all the activities that you are involved in....wayyyyy more then I am.
Never Sr. Felipe - He's going to have the whole place to himself.....until August 1st plus the Chamber Music Festival and the Film Festival will be going on in July......he WILL be busy!