Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fuscia Princess Shoes

In March I wrote about going to the tianguis in Melaque and the wondrous things I found to buy. To me the most wondrous of all were the fuscia princess shoes for Matilda. I didn't buy them at first because I wasn't sure of her size. So phone calls back to San Miguel were necessary to confirm the size, which was given to me in US sizes. Back to the tianguis I went - no one could convert the American size to Mexican sizes so back to the bungalow I went to confirm and convert on the internet. On my third try, I got the shoes. They were to be a birthday present to go along with a pink tutu and butterfly wings.

In most ways in life I'm practical. When it comes to grandchildren I'm not. Hence the fuscia shoes.

I had no idea they would be such a big hit. Matilda would wear them every day if she could. She almost does, as you can see by the wear on them in just two months. It makes my heart smile.

She and her dad were here yesterday for an impromptu visit. Matilda in her tutu and fuscia shoes. I made a mental note that I need to find another pair of shoes just like those. They don't look like they are going to last much longer. I'm even contemplating a drive to Melaque (8 hours) to the tianguis to get another pair.
Aren't grammys silly?

Shoes have always been something that my kids and grandkids have loved. Not normal shoes mind you, but something I find that I think is different and that they would enjoy. My memory actually goes back to my son, at age four, sleeping with a new pair of hush puppies resting on his chest. I went in to tuck him into bed the night of his birthday. That was the sight. That was forty-three years ago. It is still in my mind's eye.

My oldest granddaughter loved "shiny shoes". Patent leather like I wore as a child.
I lost count of how many pairs of Mary Jane patent leather black and/or white shoes I bought for her through her life. It was my great pleasure. Now that she is almost twenty I need another wee one to practice on. I've found her.

Mati loves her fuscia princess shoes. She can "ballerina" in them, she says.


ccinha said...

My two little granddaughters also love to dress up in the fairy princess outfits, and there is absolutely nothing more precious. They feel soooo special (because they are). Those fuscia princess shoes are obviously the biggest of hits. Thanks, Grammy. said...

Ah yes, the princess shoes. For Taylor, it was a pair of bright red boots. She would put on a Burger King crown, a ruffled skirt, leggings and her red boots. Nice memories you are creating.

Unknown said...

My personal 2 small granddaughters additionally like to liven up within the fairy little princess clothes, as well as there's practically nothing much more valuable. These people really feel soooo unique (since they're). Individuals fuscia little princess footwear tend to be certainly the largest associated with strikes. Many thanks, Grammy.
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