Friday, April 22, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs

I'm in full "Grammy mode" this week. Matilda is not in pre-school, I have no projects on the agenda, so it's PLAY time.

Yesterday we dyed easter eggs, just Mati and me. How fun! Amazingly I still had old boxes of food color, white vinegar and crayons. So we didn't use any of the newfangled gizmos they have now for dyeing eggs. No we did it the way I did it with my kids and other grandkids. It worked.

We started out with almost two dozen eggs. And nary a one got broken. They are all done and ready in the fridge for the Easter bunny to hide them in the garden.

Matilda is worried about her one year old brother coming to the hunt as she is afraid he will "stomp" on the eggs. She said that and then demonstrated what she meant by stomping her shoe down VERY hard. It cracked me up.

Notice in the photo as we are dyeing the eggs, with photo taken by Dad John, that her "baby" whose name I think is "poquito baby" was watching all of the activities.

I was surprised how fast a three year old could dye 22 eggs. We then moved on to other things. Like reading books, snuggling and a little TV cartoon watching.

What fun these little visits have become. Tomorrow, Saturday, we'll have the Grand Hunt with Matilda and Sebastian. I can hardly wait to see if Sebastian WILL stomp on the eggs.


Billie Mercer said...

Did Sebastion stomp the eggs?

Babs said...

No, he didn't stomp on the eggs. He crushed them in his hands and ate the shells so fast we had to make a beeline to him and get the shell out of his mouth!
Little boys are definitely different then little girls.........
He was doing six things at once....

Lizita said...

Hi Babs, The grandchildren are precious. And, you look so thin and gorgeous! Have a wonderful day.
I always loved the Judas doll "explosions" but always found it a strange end of Easter week.
I'm just taking a break before our 18 guests arrive for our egg hunt and Easter dinner. Happy Easter to you and your family. Liz said...

Our Easter was spent on the road to Birmingham and I so missed dying eggs this year. So glad you had time and grandchild to do it. Let me know when you are headed this way. I am saving books.