Thursday, February 10, 2011

San Miguel de Allende is Abuzz with Tourists





The town is jumpin'! They're everywhere. The restaurants are full. The streets are busy. I'm sure the merchants are happy that they're has been very quiet here for quite a while. At A Cuban music performance a couple of weeks ago it was standing room only. Nice to see.

One of the many activities that those new or old (pardon the pun) in town can see, is the light show on the Parroquia. It was created by a Frenchman for the Bicentennial. It is accompanied by music. Now that might sound hokey but it is extremely enchanting and beautiful. At 9:15 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights all the lights in the jardin are turned off, the music begins which is classical/chamber type music and the light show which enhances the Parroquia's architecture begins. There is a hush among everyone in the area as they watch this salute to Mexico.

In fact, toward the end it says Viva Mexico on the building with the muted lights. It is very effective.

Even though this was for 2010, I'm glad that someone made the decision to continue this lovely fifteen minutes of creativity for all to see.
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