Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The "Gypsy Kids" and a Few Others





Since I had to fly through Houston to get to Alexandria and then the same on return, it seemed obvious that I would stop there and spend time with the Gypsy Kids and the Hogan Six Pack (my daughter Julie, her husband Rich and the four kids).
Then the plan was to fly on back to San Miguel the first part of November.

Now do you understand why I didn't have time to blog?

But the time with the Gypsy Kids, who were now, I thought, firmly ensconced in Houston, was great. The last I had seen Sebastian was when he was two months old in Colorado and Matilda continues to be her effervescent self. How cute!

I hoped to have EVERYONE together at least one day. And, it worked, with the exception of the oldest granddaughter who is off at Texas A&M. But heck, not to be daunted by that, a quick day trip to see and hug her was great fun.

"Mr. Paul" as Matilda had named him in Colorado flew in from West Va. So we were all together. How great. On the day that my grandson who lives in Houston, Christopher, was able to drive up with my brother and his wife, we planned a big casual lunch..........and just the rest of the time to "hang out". Christopher even got to spend the night which was awesome. Few time restraints.

There is something that happens as you get older. You realize when something is "once in a lifetime" and special. I was determined to get a photo of all of us together even though Jessica wasn't there. So we did, very impromptu. The only way it was going to happen. I have that photo enlarged here in my bedroom and I love to look over and see the "whole gang", all my kiddos and my brother and sister-in-law in one picture. Heaven knows when THAT will happen again.

It was a great "family time".
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Babs said...

Ha, how funny, a photo of Mr. Paul getting his hair brushed by Matilda got in there somehow.....definitely not intended.....

Dan in NC said...

She's ALIVE, She's ALIVE! Welcome back Babs Van Winkle!, Just recovered from the shock of seeing a new post! (LOL!) Seriously, love the photo's and looking forward to hearing what has transpired over the last couple of months!
Dan in NC