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Saturday we traveled to the Martinsburg Air National Guard base to see a spectacular Air Show. I'm not new to air shows.
Back in my other life I managed a government contract (in the mid 70's) to maintain the air traffic control tower at Ellington AFB, Tx. While the kids were young, we would troop over to see the airshows. The kids always enjoyed all of it.

Fast forward thirty years and the airshows are still interesting and informative. It was a gusty, cool blustery day. Beautiful cloud formations which enhanced the show. There were stunt pilots, AC-5A Galaxy (humongous), A-10s and of course, the USAF Thunderbirds. Quite an awesome display of flying prowess.

To see such maneuvers and flightmanship is an honor, in my opinion. Paul was a Navigator and flew for thirty years. He was a Colonel at this base so it was a treat for me to stand back and see the respect and friendship that he has with the men he worked with for so long.

The airshow announcer was excellent. He talked just like my friend Vandy. Stretching words to describe the sights. Very dramatic and deep voice. I laughed. It was like having my friend announce the show, which he has done all over the country.

Hope you enjoy the photos. We sure enjoyed the day!
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Calypso said...

Nice photos - thanks

Steve Cotton said...

I need to meet Paul one of these days. We have the Air Force in common.