Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scenes of Fall





Just before I left West Virginia this past weekend, a couple of things happened to remind me that Fall was just a few days away.

For one, the Canadian geese are honking around and eating the taller grass on the second tee. Probably driving the groundskeepers mad. I saw guys teeing off and the geese not even flinching or moving. I guess if you can fly that far with all the hazards the geese must face, a flying golf ball must not be much to cause worry. I found it a funny sight however. Grown men shooing at geese and the geese just chomping..........

Then a stop at an apple orchard nearby to buy apples, pumpkins, and, oh yes, fresh, juicy peaches. Oops, before I forget, a homebaked fresh peach pie. DE-LIC-I-OUS.

I must confess I had never seen Delicious apples without that wax stuff that they apply to the apples before they sell them. These Delicious red apples came right out of the orchards. I swear they tasted better. Probably my imagination.......I just couldn't resist sharing a photo with you of the apples and pumpkins. Such a fall sight.

I'm back in San Miguel where people celebrate the beginning of Fall at the Botanical Gardens with a Moon Ceremony.
But, alas, no pumpkins, freshly picked apples or honking Canadian geese - yet.
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5 comments: said...

Yay! She's back blogging again. No signs of fall around here but it is nice to know it is happening somewhere. Nice photos, Babs.

Michael Dickson said...

I am flabbergasted that you´ve passed your entire life, until now, without seeing unprocessed apples. In any event, welcome home, not that you´ll be here long.

Ruco said...

Yep, me thinks like wise. Flittering back to the Ozarks with peach or Pecan pie in hand to woe the General.

Tina said...

Woe the general? LOL--maybe that's the case.

Or perhaps "woo" the general? :-)

Babs said...

I'm back Kay! In my own house and pretty much over "la grippe" as Josefina says.
Felipe, I continuously seem to flabbergast. Good.
Ruco, he's NOT a general but a Colonel. But I AM the Colonel's sweetheart - its official, cause he told me so. And, I woo him every chance I get.....Woe to the Colonel.