Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seven Weeks in San Miguel

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That sounds like the title from a travel brochure, doesn't it? BUT, in fact, that is what my life has been this year. I've only been here seven weeks and not consecutively. I intend to rectify that. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere for quite a while. Anyone who wants to see me has to come here. THAT is my new mantra. "Want to see me, San Miguel can be reached by Hwy 57 or Continental Airlines". Ha.

Good grief I have had some wonderful times but I am SO happy to be back. I really want to catch up on all my friend's blogs and I have lots to say........ "So, what else is new?", you say.

I have lots and lots of photos to share also. So, I'll be back manana en la manana.


Calypso said...

Welcome home - for a while - amiga!

Tina said...

Maybe we'll finally have that bench moment in the Jardin--hope so! Cheers,

Steve Cotton said...

Stay there until I get back. said...

Yeah, well, we will see how long this lasts before the gypsy feet start itching. But come on now, you really do have a nice life in SM. Enjoy!