Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shopping Maul


One cannot always stay in peace and tranquility hidden from every day life. So, out to the mall we went for this and that in the last couple of days. It IS hard to leave the ideal setting and existence of a house in the woods with nothing but beauty around it. But, leave it we did for slush, ice on the roads and the zillions of cars approaching malls and shopping centers this week of Christmas. It is a frenzy everywhere.
No Christmas presents need to be bought. Luckily all of that was taken care of in Mexico. This is just food items for cooking and a few other things -
and don't laugh, snow boots for me.

Oh, they are SO cute. Black suede with fur around the rims, just like Santa's. Mine are black with black fur, of course, his are white. I haven't had a pair of real snow boots since I was a child in Chicago. I like these a lot. But, probably not enough to want to replace my sandals that I wear in Mexico. At least not permanently.

It has been fun to observe the fray without having to be part of it. Just looking is my modus operandi. It's better that way and much more enjoyable.

The photo at the top of this blog was taken as we drove into the area that I'm staying in the mountains of West Virginia.
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Calypso said...

Its been quite a year for you Babs. It was fun reading about all your adventures (even though a few made us nervous) - We hope you have a GREAT holiday and lots of fun

picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Merry Christmas, dear one or is it two? Clueless in Seabrook with clear blue sparkling midnight sky ready for Santa.