Saturday, December 19, 2009

Exquisite Beauty





These photos aren't intended to be black and white but because of the beauty of the snow and the setting, it appears and IS black and white. Isn't it absolutely beautiful?

This is the scene that greeted me this morning when the curtains were opened in West Virginia. It started snowing at about 4AM and by 7:30, this is how much had fallen. It has been snowing steadily all day and the snow is more then twice as high now, but I'm NOT going back out there to photograph until it stops.

I'm snuggled warmly in a chalet style house in the mountains about an hour west of Dulles airport in the Shenandoah Valley. Behind me is an extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Twenty miles east of here is the confluence of the Shenenadoah and the Potomac. The beauty of San Miguel always fills my soul. Well, I must admit this has an incredible beauty also that has left me breathless.

Standing outside on the porch this morning to take these photos was unlike anything that I can remember experiencing in a long, long time. Utter silence. Not a whisper or murmur of anything except hearing a slight wisp of the glistening flakes falling. I don't think I'll ever forget this.

Purity - simple, but exquisite beauty. It occurred to me that I have not seen a snowfall of this magnitude in almost sixty years. I was a child. I didn't appreciate the nuiances of the shapes on the limbs or the quietness. At that point in life, I wanted to get on a sled and go down the hills. Well, maybe I'll get to do even that in the next few days! I bought snow boots yesterday........and brought a parka and mittens. Even bought a hat and earmuffs last night in preparation. Woo hoo.

I must comment on the grocery store last night. It was pandemonium. It reminded me of all the times prior to a hurricane when the milk cooler and the bread aisles were stripped bare. The storm warnings were out here for this snow storm. At the time, I smiled in remembrance, but now I understand the earnest looks on the people's faces. This storm has brought everything to a virtual standstill just like a hurricane.

Except this is gentle. A hurricane never is.
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Sam and Bob said...

Nice photos. The snow is pretty but not for me. I spent way too many years in the Michigan winters. I am so happy to be in Mexico and enjoying warm weather.

Tina said...

I love that special "quiet" that comes with a heavy snowfall--you can hear it if you know what I mean.

My daughter is in Alexandria--they've been stunned at how much snow they're getting too! She said the same about the store last night, looooong lines
at each checkstand, extending down the aisles.

Enjoy this special time--and happy holidays from Tina in Arizona.

Calypso said...

Glad you are enjoying the moment amiga - for me - like Sam and Bob, had enough in my life. I don't need anymore reminders about winter snow ;-)

Stay Warm

Anonymous said...

Brrh! It is always interesting when we do get snow in Portland. The quiet in the morning is the first sign that when I look out the window there will be snow. We had two weeks of snow and ice last Christmas so I am so done with it for years to come.

Islagringo said...

A storm like the East coast has gotten does it bring its' own share of beauty. I remember the quiet of a snowfall aftermath so very well. I also remember the bitter cold, frozen hairs in my nose, breaking ice out of the horse trough and never ever feeling really warm for months. I'll stick to Mexico also and let you just show me pretty pictures!

Babs said...

I have ALWAYS said I'm not a cold weather person. Remembering the cold as a child in Chicago before we moved south made me hate it. Now I embrace "like a child" and only see its beauty, from inside a centrally heated house, ha.
So for all of you that have or are living in the cold, I totally understand your feelings from the past or present. I'll be heading to the beach in a week.....aaaah. said...

So what the hell are you doing in West Virginia this time of year? Yes, it is beautiful and I do love the soft stillness of everything with snow but I'll just enjoy your pictures for now and pray you don't lose electricity.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures. I spent a few years living in East Tennesee. I like snow, but I don't love it. Good analogy with hurricanes.