Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The "Discovery" Window


I start my day with this view almost every morning. I meditate looking out at the sunrise. It is very soothing and helps me to be centered. I love this view. So much happens at this window.

The seasons change. The types of birds that migrate through here change. At a certain time of year chartreuse colored birds come through and stay for a few days eating the berries on the chinaberry tree outside this window. Their plumage is exquisite.

Once in a while, just to be funny and surprise me, I'll see Velcro on a limb trying, hopefully without success, to catch a bird.

All of it is a type of discovery. A nice way to start the day with meditation, reflection and gratefulness.

Imagine my surprise last Friday morning as I was sitting there when one of the tall pines began to sway. I looked up at the eucalyptis tree in the distance to see if the wind was blowing. Nope, no wind. How curious. THEN the pine disappeared from view. I was astonished. It caused me to get up to go closer to the window to see what was going on. Men in the school yard at the kindergarten below were cutting down some of the trees. OH NO! Why? These are old trees. Probably the age of the school. At least forty years old, or older.

Well, before they were done, they had cut down at least ten big trees. Cleared the space for about eight to ten feet from the school building. My guess is that they are going to add on to the school. But, who knows? I've learned to just wait and see.

The delightful positive surprise for me is that now, looking straight out that window, I can see San Miguel down the hill in a way I couldn't before and I can see the peak of a mountain in the far, far distance. Oh and I can see the sunset straight ahead rather then looking to the northwest. How divine!

Another narrow path of discovery.
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Steve Cotton said...

Change always opens opportunities.

Unknown said...

Your attitude is admirable. I got steamed this fall when I came home to New Orleans. In the midst of proceedings to sell my house, a neighbor took down a 50 years or more old oak tree that marked our fence line. Without my consent. I was disappointed in her actions. But I got used to the sunshine before the house passed to better hands.

Unknown said...

yoo hoo

where did you go Babs?