Thursday, November 05, 2009

E.R. - NO not the TV show

Before I start writing this post I want to clarify that this is not a "sympathy" post, but rather an informational one. So, please no, "Oh I'm so sorry" replies. OK?

I spent Tuesday afternoon at the E.R. AGAIN. Second time in three months. This time the fall was caused by my foot getting caught in one of those Oaxacan throw rugs. It is no longer on my floor. I have almost fallen before when the thing started skimming across the floor. That opportunity has now been removed - forever.

My cheek hit the corner of the kitchen counter. The amount of blood was startling. I managed to take a taxi to the E.R. hoping that the Doc would say, "No, not so bad, no stitches necessary". Ha. Not the case.

Ok, I must admit, I am absolutely the worst patient on earth. I'm a big wooz. In other words, I'm a scaredy cat. When the Doc said "Lay down" and I said, "HERE?", he knew he was in for a time..........I politely told him to please tell me everything he was going to do before he did it so I could be prepared.........(thank goodness he wasn't reattaching an arm or something) and he complied with kindness and grace. But I also quizzed him about how long he had been a Dr., where he had graduated and what his specialty was. After all, this IS my face. Oh vanity, be still.

He again was gracious about answering all my questions as he prepared me for this episode.
Actually he kept me talking through the whole thing by asking questions about my life, how I liked Mexico etc. I now realize it was to keep my mind off "the procedure".

I kiddingly said I had first come to Mexico in 1968 and said "Probably before you were born". YUP, he was born in 1977. I gasped. Only 32 and working on my face......oy vey.
I said, "Oh my gosh, you are younger then all my kids". He chuckled. At one point he asked if I go to Harry's which is a gringo hangout. He seemed surprised and disappointed when I said no.

Then he was finished. He wanted two x-rays because I mentioned that my neck and chest were hurting. He walked me to x-ray - came back to get me and was very, very solicitous.

He had written, in English, the prescriptions for all the stuff I needed - pain meds, antibiotics and a cream so I don't scar..........(we'll see).

The cost for the procedure, the meds, the x-rays and the E.R. charge, less then $200US. In the states that would have been close to $5,000 to $7,000 US. I promise. His charge for the "sew up" - 428 pesos which is about $28US!

I was extremely impressed with this Doctor. He was very precise and thorough.

When I went to pay the bill I noticed that De La Fe has a program where, if you are a frequent patient, you can pay an annual fee which is small and get a 20% discount on services for that year. In view of the last few months, I signed up. Who knows what the future holds.....hopefully NO more E.R. visits!


Jonna said...

pobrecita ...oops! scratch that.

I just want to say that I had to take one of those Oaxacan rugs out of my kitchen in Akumal because of the slip factor AND I had a couple in our RV and I had to buy those sticky liners for underneath after taking a couple spills. They are treacherous!! However, the sticky rug liners do work if you really like the rug.

Steve Cotton said...

I am constantly amazed at the affordability of health care in Mexico. My doctor worked with me on a bothersome condition for three weeks. She experimented with several medications and at least six followup visits. Her charge for everything: $100 (Mx). I am not certain how she makes a living with those charges. The lab bill was 5 times as high, but still reasonable.

Charles said...

Babs - made it back from PV this week - great fun as usual. Sorry about your mishap - same thing happened to me about a year ago - it was nasty. Just be grateful it wasn't an eye that hit the corner of the counter. I also had a doctor visit in PV last week - $20 US - unbelievable to me! Take care and watch your step! said...

Geezus, Barb. We just can't leave you alone for a minute.

Tancho said...

How much damaged did you do to the kitchen counter?
Just kidding, it's never a fond thing to injure one's self, but I have found that Mexico's health care system is surprisingly affordable and professional. It beats the endless lines and paperwork NOB. Now you will have time on the coast to heal.....
And the doctors seem to treat you as humans down here!

Ruco said...

That's it,I've had enough. I am in the process of buying every innertube I can find, sending some money to Felipe for a compressor and your about to become the MICHELON MOMMY OF S.M.A.signs will be posted, no running with sissors, no nuthin. In fact plastic knives, forks and spoons will be the order of the day. not too sure what damage you could do with a plastic spoon, but we're not taking chances.

Anonymous said...


Babs said...

Jonna - the rugs are GONE. Gave them away yesterday. Yes Steve the medical care here never ceases to amaze me. I have had no reason to not think it is superior to the US, especially given the episode I had with the whooping cough in the USA.
Charles, Kay and Tancho, my new mantra is "slow, slow, slow" which is what I'm saying to myself. It appears these things happen when I'm doing one of my rushing, whirling dervish things.......
RUCO, the mental picture of me wrapped in inner tubes is hysterically funny. So, are you and Felipe going to come and wrap me up? The fall then would have been worth it..ha.
Richland, indeed......

Unknown said...

Babs...okay like give up on the skateboarding! It doesn't work in SM.

Sounds like you should take up skiing with all the cold weather you have had.

:) keep smiling!