Saturday, October 10, 2009

Contemplating Escape

I've been hot and heavy on the computer ordering a few things I want to get when I head up to Harlingen, Tx for a few days this month. I want to order as much as possible and have it sent to the hotel so I can escape and head to the water for at least one day. Yup, I need a "beach fix".

When that feeling comes over me I feel claustrophobic. I want to scratch myself out of the mountains and walk across warm sand and straight into the water........This from a girl who was born in Chicago. Does it make any sense? No. But since I lived right near the water for 17 years and sailed every chance I could get for many of those years, I have become a beach bum, I guess.

So to add to this contemplation of escape, I'm heading to Lake Chapala for a folkart conference the second week of November. I went to the Feria de Maestros last year at the same time and it was delightful. One of the leading experts in all the indigenous work of Mexico, Marta Turok, will be speaking. Great Masters will be coming from all over Mexico. So back I go..........but, instead of turning around and coming home, I'm going on to either the Costa Alegre where I've rented a place for January or up to the area around Rincon de Guayabitos to check out the place I've rented for the month of February, site unseen. Another opportunity to dip my toes in the ocean. Now before you think I've got a lot of money - let me assure you that I have found deals that you wouldn't believe.........I can hardly stay home for these prices! Ha. Truly.

It seems that when I'm landlocked for any length of time, wanderlust takes over again. Somehow in all of this traipsing around, I DO want to get down to Patzcauro too.

Maybe I need that "magic carpet" again to whiz me everywhere so I can go more places.


Calypso said...

You are a restless one - take lots of photos.

Unknown said...

so in your opinion, the Maestros lived up to their title?

was there a post about this last year? i want to know which crafts/trades are represented?


Michael Dickson said...

What am I going to do with you? It´s Patzcuaro, not Patzcauro. Actually, it´s Pátzcuaro, but I am sure you have a Gringo keyboard and cannot do accent marks. You will not be allowed to visit here till you can write it right.

Who tends to your plants during these extended departures?

Babs said...

Calypso, I don't think of myself as restless, just full of wanderlust. I'm glad to see you commenting again, I was missing you.
Dana, yes the Great Masters have lived up to their title. of course there are many more, just as talented who have benefited from the emphasis on the arts in Mexico, thankfully. Yes there was a post about it last year and photos of Lake Chapala etc. All the crafts are represented. It is a good show. Not as good as the Palm Sunday market in Uruapan, but still wonderful to see.
Thank goodness I have Felipe to keep me on the "straight and narrow" BUT guess what, he missed an incorrect word I used in this blog......OMG, Editor in Chief - I slipped one by him. The gardener takes care of the plants when I'm gone......

Michael Dickson said...

Babs, my honey buns, I catch all spelling and punctuation errors everywhere, not just here. (Sometimes I miss things on my own website, but not often.) However, I´m too polite and diplomatic to point them all out. It would not be seemly. But if you insist, here is one more, though you did not do it in this post, San Miguel´s plaza is El Jardín, sans e on the end. Spelling the Jardín right is a basic requirement on a blog from San Miguel. Yeah, I know you can´t do the accent mark, but the habitual extra letter!!!?? Yipes!!

Must be nice to have a gardener.

Babs said...

Felipe, it IS nice having a gardener/handyman. He only comes a total of 4 hours a week but when there is something I can't lift or fix he does that also. I think a MUST for a single woman in Mexico. And now, back to your first question of your first post........hmm, the mind conjures up all kinds of answers for that question.

jennifer rose said...

Fret not, Babs. In "ONLY in Mexico," there was a word that Felipe did not catch. But I'm not telling him.

Michael Dickson said...

Babs, please do tell Ms. Rose that I often see typos in the blog universe, and I almost always keep it to myself due to my excessive sense of courtesy. Only when Pátzcuaro is abused and occasionally, because I love you and want you to look good, bring up the perpetual misspelling of Jardín.