Sunday, October 11, 2009

The "workout from hell"

It's funny now.......not so much the other day. Remember I mentioned in "Only in Mexico" the "workout from hell"? Well I didn't elaborate but allow me now.

The new trainer, the authority figure, started me out with 45 situps. Ok, when I went to start I have to tell you I could barely get started. But, I muddled through and actually did 45 situps. Praying that was the end of it, I sat in a slight daze for a minute realizing that it had been quite a while since I had done that many situps. I also wondered if I was going to be able to stand up.

But, back came "the trainer", Tony, and he had some other things for me to do. Now I haven't worked with weights in about 10 years, so it was like starting from ground zero. It wasn't "like" starting from ground zero. It WAS starting from ground zero. Yes, I've been working out but only cardio. The treadmill and the bikes - an hour a day, four miles total.

So into another room we went where I was lifting weights - again 45 times, each arm........then some other stuff. I had previous to starting with him done the treadmill and the bike. So one hour into all this madness, Tony said, "No mas" and I nearly fell over, literally. It WAS a workout.

Initially he had asked me what areas I wanted to concentrate on and I told him. Then jokingly I said, "I want to be 40 years old again", but then I laughed, thinking he would get that it was a joke. I think he wanted to return me to that as fast as possible! That was worse then telling a cab driver, "Muy rapido". NEVER do that - trust me.

So, weakly, after finishing the workout, I climbed into my car and drove to the ATM machine for money. Luckily it was a drive-thru. I was so weak feeling that I wasn't sure I would be able to push the buttons. I did.

Fast forward to Friday night. I was so sore I could hardly turn over in bed. I do mean sore. I cursed that man.........oh, did I curse him. It WAS too much for the first workout.

But today, I'm back to normal and contemplating going back tomorrow. However, I WILL tell him we need to "slow it down"............I don't want to be 40 for at least another 10 years.


Michael Dickson said...

Lots of instructors in Mexico are just winging it.

By the way, I can do 100 leg lifts. Ahem.

Chrissy y Keith said...

Sounds like Bab's goes to Boot Camp. Ouch.

1st Mate said...

45 situps in one session! Caramba! The man is a sadist. He needs to get you on a program you can work up with, not wipe you out in one day. (Funny, our local gym guy is named Tony too, but he's a pussycat)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to include massage in your program.

You will survive and benefit from your workouts more readily!

Tina said...

Wow--sounds like too much for a first visit.
Isn't the goal to get you in better shape, rather than finish you off? 45 reps for each arm? Yikes. Don't hurt yourself!

Babs said...

Felipe - I think this guy had no clue. Congrats that you can do 100 leg lifts! Boot camp it turned out to be Chrissy......and yes Caramba Bliss. IF I go back to him, we are going to have a conversation to begin with......NO 45 sit ups to start...
Anon - I have someone who comes to the house and gives the most incredible massage. Hmm, I need to call her!
Tina - Friday night I FELT like I had been in a car accident - so he did almost finish me off....ha

Anonymous said...

So funny! You looks great the way you are.