Sunday, September 20, 2009

"People Watching" at the Independence Day Parade

She sat so primly and properly on the balcony of her home overlooking the jardin. I've looked at the architecture of those openings so many times, but this was the first time that I saw a person on this balcony. At first, for almost an hour, she sat still just like the photo. Eventually she was joined by a few other people. I couldn't stop looking at her and wondering about her story.
As a counterpoint, this woman pranced around for a while flouncing her hair and other parts of her anatomy. Finally she settled down for a hot dog. The boots said it all.
Americans always think they are the most patriotic of any country. But I'm here to say that I find a fervent patriotism in Mexico. The kids are always dressed up as Pancho Villa, a politician, a flouncy girl in a Mexican dress, and too many other things to list here. I find it adorable and heartwarming. Lucky kid above to have a Dad's shoulders to sit on. He was able to see the whole parade.
I, on the other hand, was on my tippy toes trying to see the horse riders over all the people lined up in front of me. There was the reenactment of Hidalgo and his compadres racing down the street. It was a miracle that I got this photo of the Virgen.
Most of my photos were just the back of the heads of everyone in front of me. Next time I'll get to the parade earlier so I can be in the front. That would be a miracle too.
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Richard said...

And you wonder why I have so many pictures of people like this on my blog. Looks like the Day of the Dead Gang meets the Parasol Gang. The eye goes to the odd more than the normal. It is far more interesting. Perhaps she is just eccentric but then sun blocker would achieve much the same effect without the effect. said...

The lady in lavender...what a photo! Love her white gloves and all. And yes, would love to know her story.