Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saving the Best for Last

Over the last couple of weeks I've shared my living spaces with all of you. I have thoroughly enjoyed living in this place of tranquility. When the weather allows, which is most of the time, I'm outside in the gardens. As you can see as you enter from the street, there is a huge flagstoned area that if I wanted, I could park a car. I choose not to do so. I now have a large round table and chairs in the middle of that space. Another wonderful place to read, drink coffee or just contemplate my blessings.
There are extensive gardens that include the planted areas of azaleas, lilies, bourganvilla, geraniums and a lot of other flowers. There are also fruit trees - avocado, pomegranate, and the prize, a HUGE lemon tree that produces huge lemons, not limes. I treasure all the fresh lemons and share them with many friends.

There is this main garden area and stairs down to the lower terrace outside my bedroom which you saw in another post. In the distance you can see the bourganvilla that is outside my bedroom. It is more then two stories high and quite a gift to behold. Oh, and just to the right in this photo is a poinsetta tree. When it is covered with blooms, it is also covered with butterflies. They love the nectar of the blooms. Notice I have NO grass to cut.
As you saw in another post there is the roof terrace too. Another vantage point to see the vistas of the surrounding countryside and alllllllll the potted plants on that terrace.
Exactly where the photo above is taken is where I most enjoy sitting in the morning and contemplating what a lucky person I am and wondering what the day will bring. More gardening, surely.
It is all a visual feast.


Patricia said...

Babs: Your house is amazing, I love
following your blog you are an amazing woman, keep up your wonderful
life. Patricia

Babs said...

Well, gee whiz, thanks Patricia. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

Mic said...

Ditto to Patricia's post....thanks for inviting us on your tour. I can see why you love living there :-)

Robin said...

Babs, you are one lucky lady to have such an amazing, restful place to ponder life's meaning! Looks to me that you have found your way quite nicely - keep up the gardening and sharing your rich life with us! Hugs, Robin

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I've "lurked" for years and your home is what's finally made me post a comment. I LOVE it! It's everything, absolutely everything, I've envisioned when I retire to Mexico (59 and planning!). Did you buy? Do you lease? I'd never want to leave.... and since you've shared photos I sit on your deck when I go to "my happy place" when dreaming of Mexico! Hope you don't mind. : ) Thanks so much (for your blog as well - I LOVE it all).


Michael Dickson said...

Nowadays when I hear of folks wondering if they can make it on Social Security in Mexico, I think of you, honey buns.

And in San Miguel to boot! One of the pricier locations.

Babs said...

Robin and Barbara - Glad you like it. I love it, as you can tell.
Barbara, I rent from a Mexican family. I have an absolutelly great deal on the rent...actually, I rent both houses for about $880 a monthUS and rent out the guest house for $800US - hence, I live here by paying utilities, maid and gardener and Dish Network. My costs per month for every single thing, except traveling is $1,240 a month. Exactly what my SS is!
I'm grateful every day.
You know Barb, I was feeling "another presence" on the roof the other day, glad to have you visiting!
And Felipe, it has been a LONG time since I"ve been called Honey Buns. It made me giggle. Long story that I'll share with you over a cafecito some time soon.
thanks for the uplifting coment! said...

You do live in a wonderful house in a great location...super quiet and serene. You deserve this casa de tranquility at this time in your life. You done good, hon. Glad you put a table and chairs on the flagstone...nice idea and a lovely place for morning coffee.