Monday, August 31, 2009

I KNEW "it" would happen!

The landlord, after I pointed out that I have a swimming pool every time it rains, decided to do something about it for me. Wonder of wonders. I've lived here almost nine years and this is the first time they have done anything other then fix the sewer line and replace a broken tinaco. I'm astounded and delighted. Well, I was when he said they were going to lay tile on the roof. Remember how pretty my sitting area looked in the photos last week? Well, look at it now........YIKES. Can you tell how I had camouflaged all the bad features up there? Like the tacky covered area. That's what plants and pots can do............create an oasis.
And, of course, once they started, the RAINS started too. They did get a couple of days of work done - plastering, leveling the floor and enlarging the canal..............but NOW, it's a mess. The photo below is where ALL the plants are along with ALL the furniture. Except for the one chair and the tiletop table. It took three men two hours to get all the trees, shrubs and flowers moved..........It's a jungle up there.
Immensely surprising to me is that the men are going up and down to work with this ladder. They are carrying the bags of cement up and down this ladder. And they are FAST. Zip, zip. I didn't care if they came through the house, but the albanil said no, they preferred the ladder.
So, there it sits. The black tarp covers the bags of cement. The above photo was taken before all the rain this weekend. Now the boxes of tile are a mess - soaked through and through. I think it will be a mess up there for at least a week..............or longer. Isn't it always the way? Clean the car. It rains. Plan a party out of doors. It rains. Start a construction project and for sure. It rains.

Aah, but we NEED the rain.
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3 comments: said...

As in "Be careful what you ask for?" We've been asking for rain so are you willing to send some our way? It rains all around us but not on our house...weird.

Michael Dickson said...

The landlord reads your blog, or was this just happenstance?

It always amazes me that construction sites in Mexico, after making a colossal mess, always return to normal quickly.

1st Mate said...

I'm glad you got a photo before all this happened. You can look at it and keep from getting discouraged. It WILL be that lovely again, and no pseudo swimming pool.