Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Rooftop Hangout

My house is colorful, if nothing else. That extends to the roof terrace. This is the covered half. I spend a great deal of time up here. Drinking my coffee in the morning and watching the mist in the canyon. Or in the afternoon for lunch and possibly a little siesta on the chaise. Ahh, what a life. The canvas painting on the back wall of this covered area is left over from when I used to have a booth at the restaurant shows in Texas and other places.
Everyone else had booths in mauves, grays and boring colors....................and then there was my booth. It just made people happy. Originally this canvas mural was to have graced the walls of a Tex-Mex restaurant in The Woodlands, north of Houston. The owner didn't like it so it reposed in my garage for about ten years. For some reason I just couldn't throw it away. Then I used it for the shows . Perfect. But not as perfect as it is hanging on this wall...........Doesn't it make you smile?
This is only half of the roof terrace. The other side isn't covered. Part of it looks onto the guest house and the other side looks onto the presa and the cliffs which were shown in the blog on the lack of rain a few days ago.
The roof over this seating area is built so catty-wampus. It's just so Mexican. I love it. I love the imperfection of it all.

AND, I can see forever. If you click on the photos above they will enlarge and you can see the mountains in the distance. I'm so lucky. Can you believe it? Cost to live here - less then $400 US a month. To me, it's priceless.
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canadiangrl said...

I am loving your rooftop hangout Ms. Babs. Once again, thank you for sharing!

Billie Mercer said...

I can attest to the fact....Your terrace is wonderful!

dangre said...

VERY nice! Looks like a great place for a glass of wine.. Any issues with mozzies/ no-seeums as you seem to be near to some water? Thanks for sharing..

1st Mate said...

That mural sat in your garage for a very good reason, so it could go to SMA with you. What a happy place your rooftop is. Know the song, "Up on the Roof?" It could have been written for you.

Michael Dickson said...

I´ll bet the Tex-Mex restaurant that rejected that artwork is now toast.

But wait! Are you saying we Mexicans are catty-wampus? And imperfect???

Nancy said...

Beautiful, crazy, funny, comfortable. Love it!