Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Laughing so hard, I can't write!

There is justice, every now and then, in the Universe. I started laughing yesterday when I saw the headline of who is going to be on the TV show, "Dancing with the Stars"! And I haven't been able to stop.

Tom Delay, once considered one of the most powerful men in Washington and the USA, has sunk to the level of being a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars". His nickname was "the Exterminator". It's appropriate on so many levels, but the funniest, which many people don't know, is that he started out with a bug control (think cockroaches) company in Sugar Land, Tx.

Obnoxious, arrogant and rude, he was deposed. I wondered what he was up to.......it makes me laugh. Maybe he, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Lou Dobbs, Tricky Dick Cheney and a few others could get together and do a special dance.........possibly the Chorus Line. And, take their last bows.

I'm laughing so hard that even my black eye doesn't hurt. Laughter IS the best medicine.


Unknown said...

What if the toupee comes off in the middle of a dip? Or is dip redundant?


Glenn said...

I think you're right about laughter being the best medicine--especially when we can laugh about someone like Tom Delay. I can just picture the Chorus Line. Ha!

Babs said...

Dana - In my best Texas accent I would say he is a dipshit.....
And Glenn, laughter has always been my best medicine - that, and love of course.
So, Glenn I went to see your blog, My Life in Romania and it made me laugh as well as your other blog about writing fortune cookies or being a violin player. Tell us more!

Anonymous said...

You got me laughing too but maybe there is justice in the world and these guys will become cockroaches and crawl out of our lives just the way they crawled in.


maria luz said...

Babs you have a very kind heart. He is not a dipshit, he is a disgusting THUG!

I felt like calling the producers and telling them that I was going to boycott the show if they had him on, but he is not worth my time or energy.

I hope he gets kicked off and retreats to the rock he slithered out from.

A good friend of mine from NW Houston, who is a devoted Democrat, went to one of his speeches long ago and told me he was the scariest human being she had ever been in the presence of, and I believe it. And she has a very tough skin!

Calypso said...

Babs - You go girl - tell it like it is ;-)

picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

I had thoughts of boycotting but then why would I want to miss this total jerk making an ass of himself? On a local TV interview he claimed he was born in Venezuela and danced with Ballet Folklorico.

Anonymous said...

Babs--It's true that I've never been to Romania, but I have been to SMA. I lived in San Miguel from the fall of 1979 until early 1981. It was a very exciting time. I went back to work in the US for a few years, quit work and then moved to Patzcuaro...then just traveled...moved around. I might be passing thru SMA this fall.

I enjoy your blog.


Anonymous said...

I heard that Karl Rowe is taking dance lessons.

Babs said...

I KNEW this blog would elicit funny comments and it has! Right on ya'll. I can hardly wait to see what happens....and I don't watch the show, but I might watch one or two. What night is it on?
IF DeLay was born in Venezuela and danced with the Ballet Folklorico, that makes me laugh just that much more.
And Glenn, let me know if and when you come to town. Love to have a cupa coffee and meet.

Anonymous said...

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