Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vancouver's Verdant Vegetation

If you ever say Vancouver to me again, I'll think "hanging baskets". They are everywhere. The size is astronomical. The mixtures are dazzling. I've again "oohed and aahed" myself around town. I've never seen baskets like these anywhere. Driving around has been a stop and start propostion with "TM" being the patient, and I do mean patient driver when I see some beautiful plants and yell, "Please stop, please". He usually does. If only I could figure out a way to take these baskets back with me to Mexico. I would also need to figure out how to pay for them. I haven't had the nerve to ask how much they cost. Everything in Vancouver is VERY expensive.
But, aren't they gorgeous? Just breathtaking? I'll be making hanging baskets for the mirador when I return to San Miguel. You can bet on it.

It's not that the vegetation is all that different, except in some cases, where I can't identify a tree or shrub, but the SIZE and INTENSITY of the plants and colors are magnificent.
I have no idea what this plant is in the above photo so I took a picture and you can tell me.
In addition there are trees blooming all over Vancouver with tiny white blooms that look like small white orchids. They are huge trees that canopy on many streets. Just awesome.
I must admit, having come from Houston where it is tropical and then come to Vancouver where it is a temperate rainforest - I DO miss trees in San Miguel. At least this many trees. The sizes are staggering.
This IS a beautiful place - especially now when it is warm and sunny.


Unknown said...

I rented the DVD of "Under the Volcan" from the local library today.
Ripple effect of TM selling his collection.

Babs said...

TM says the acting was good but the book is far superior.
It is considered a literary masterpiece.

Unknown said...

ok, i don't want to hog the comment board with this, only to say that I started to play it tonight and thought....maybe I'd better start with the book! tequila minds think alike.
It's on someone or others'
top 100 of all time. No pressure.