Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Cougar" Alert

While having breakfast this morning at a diner, the radio was playing and the news came on. A "cougar alert" was announced north of Vancouver. I was amazed and amused. Then the waitress came over and elaborated on the whole thing. It seems there are more cougars then ever out this year. A teenager was mauled. I must be in the piney woods of Canada!

It's hard to relate when you are sitting somewhere looking out at concrete and traffic to imagine that so close to Vancouver such a thing could be happening! The waitress said that she and her husband had cancelled their trip to the woods this coming weekend because of "all the loose cougars" and her fear of being attacked. She also elaborated on all the loose bears.

Good grief - Mexico has drug cartels that elicit fear and British Columbia has cougars! Both causing people to rethink traveling.

Then TM reminded me that maybe the "cougar alert" had something to do with me. "What?" I said. "Yes", he replied, "you know older woman, younger man". Good grief. What's a girl to do?
It made me laugh out loud..........


Unknown said...

I saw that one coming a mile away.

Anonymous said...

Well if that's the case, there should be cougar alerts for San Miguel also ;-)