Sunday, April 12, 2009

Processions of Good Friday - San Miguel Style

Good Friday is the busiest day of pagentry in San Miguel. Many people position themselves (me included in years past) by 10AM for the ceremony of Pontius Pilate, the soldiers and all the rituals that begin at noon at the church next to the Parroquia. It is quite a spectacle and has been held yearly, except for in the 1930's for over 200 years. I doubt the costumes were as elaborate then as now. I often wonder who makes all these magnificent items. The noon procession leaves from the church led by these lanterns.
Then the acolytes, or young boys, who look so solemn and dedicated along with the men carrying the crosses and those helping them, proceed.

Again, as in the Palm Sunday procession, many generations take part in these events. In interviews that I've read of the participants, many of the adults now taking part have been doing so for 20 to 25 years. First they started as young children. It is a huge honor to be able to participate in these ceremonies.

The Roman soldiers have quite amazing costumes along with their swords and shields. Aren't they grand looking? I didn't photograph the part where they are lashing Jesus with thorns and branches and those things because it is too upsetting to me.
So, another confession, these photos were taken two years ago. Last year I went to a passion event outside of town where they actually hung three men with ropes from the cross. It was traumatizing to see in person. I didn't go back there this year. Instead I have hunkered down at home. There are a bazillion people in town. I've seen all of these procesions for eight years and also seen them blowing up the Judases, which I can hear, as I write this blog.
Tomorrow we will be able to exhale as all the tourists head home and life returns to tranquility.
We will have very few tourists from now until midi-June when the "sweatbirds" start arriving from Southern climes. Oh happy days.............
Happy Easter!

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