Saturday, April 11, 2009

DON'T try this at home!

I'll blame it on the two cups of coffee on the roof terrace this morning. I was full of energy. More then usual.

Never decide to carry a huge plant DOWN the stairs to put someplace else until you have made sure it will fit. Chances are you'll have to carry it back up to its original spot. THAT happened this morning.

Never step on the cat's tail accidently because she WILL turn around and wop you and you'll bleed.

Never use a ladder precariously up against a tree to cut a dead limb off the avocado tree. It WILL fall on your head when it falls.

AND finally, don't listen to Honky Tonk music, such as Ray Price - "For the Good Times".
Good golly, it WILL make you cry.

ALL of this today, and it's not even noon yet!


Brenda Maas said...

And I thought you were retired lol. Take it easy.
Sorry to hear that you won't be heading over this way, was looking forward to meeting you. You know you can still come without the "man".

Anonymous said...

Babs....just a short note to let you know how much I love reading your blog daily! Thank you for the privilege of sharing in your life moments - laughter and tears!

By the way, I have cried many times listening to Al Green's soulful rendition of "For the Good Times"!

Please take care of yourself - you have a loyal following!


Ruco said...

If I could sing, I'd like to sound like Ray Price. Amazing voice. There's a radio station out of Ohio called Classic Country Radio, WBZI out of Zenia. On saterday and sunday afternoon a man called Chubby Howard hosts a show. He's an old steel guitar player and has played with Ray Price and a host of other classic country artists. A great show and he gives the background to many of the songs he plays. Ray Price and Willy Nelson are doing a cross Canada tour now, soon to be in Vancouver. I'll be there.

Michael Dickson said...

My God, woman, watch your step!

Babs said...

Brenda - Thanks, I'll get there some day. Kim, I can't imagine why so many read my blog, but I'm glad you do......and Ruco, wow, Ray Price AND Willie Nelson - lucky you. Wish I was going to be there!
And, Felipe, I"m SO watching my step today that I'm not leaving the house....OR getting on any ladders. I'm resting......