Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ensalda de jardine

Ok, I'm not talking about lettuce tomatoes and onions - I'm talking about bourganvilla petals, petunia leaves, alyssum blossoms and the worst, everything off the rangoon creeper vine!
Last year the cutter ants were on the road and built mounds - see the blog "Attack of the Ants" in Feb 2007, but this year I find mounds everywhere the is like they are saying "Ah ha, she thinks we're in the lower garden, let's all head into the shady area" and then I find them in the shade garden and they say, "Ah ha, let's all attack the zinnias". It's a I would prefer not to have to participate in cause I don't like to use poisons, BUT I don't know what else to do........
Oh yes, before someone makes this suggestion, I DID try giving them corn meal - I imagine they are making cornbread to eat with their ensalda de jardine!

1 comment: said...

Well just don't send any of them here. I used to watch them on our Bastrop acreage carry big leaves a long, long way and down into their bed. I have no suggestions other than to just chase and endure.