Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'm off to Chiapas the end of May! Chiapas has been HIGH on my list, along with Oaxaca and Cuba........I'm thrilled. I've been reading all the books I have on Chiapas, on the Lacondon peoples and of course the textiles and villages famous for the textiles. So far I've planned a trip to Palenque and Cascada Aqua Azul, the Tzotzil village of San Juan Chamula and Zincantan, and hopefully I can find a guide to take me to the jungle where the Lacondons live. I have studied and been researching these people for a long, long time.
In my lifetime I wanted to meet and see Tarahumaras in Copper Canyon who are still nomadic and the Lacondons who are still the most remote Indians in Mexico. Well if you have followed this blog for a while you saw the Tarahumaras when I went to Batopilas in November 2006 and so I hope I have a memorable time in the Lacondon jungle.
Stay tuned!

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