Saturday, September 29, 2007

A great "read"

At the Monday Morning Cafe Klatch last week I was given "The Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson to read............oh my gosh, what a fabulous book. It is a true account of the building of the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893. A fascinating read for so many reasons. Many, many things we take for granted came out of that fair....the Ferris wheel, shredded wheat and too many other things to MUST read it. One of the MOST amazing things to me was that architects from NYC, Chicago and Kansas City worked together to build this incredible fair in less then 2 years and were able, most of the time, to get along, sort of...........I wish we could reincarnate these men to come up for a plan and a team to rebuild New Orleans.
The research that Larson did to write this book is staggering. It reads like a novel but in fact, is true.
I have to add it to my list of favorite books that I have read in my lifetime! Hope you find time to enjoy it also.

2 comments: said...

OK, I'm hooked. I will look for it at the library. I did finally get a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns but haven't had time to get into it yet.

Gypsy Girl said...

My friend told me about the book. haven't picked it up yet. Sound really good. Will have to look for it.
Nice for cool January nights in SMA