Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Earplugs in Mexico

A NECESSITY, at times! When I was going to Veracruz at Christmas last year, I was told to bring earplugs because it was so loud - it wasn't, but I now have an entire box of earplugs. I have put a few pair in my overnight kit for when I'm traveling and recently used them in Mexico City because of the traffic noise on the Reforma. I was glad I had them.
Where I live it is so quiet that I can't imagine ever needing them - except perhaps at 5AM when it is either a saint's day, a birthday, a death, a national holiday or whatever and they set off the fireworks that nearly knock you out of bed. However, I think I must be a "seasoned" San Miguel resident now because I've learned to turn over and go back to sleep..........

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