Saturday, May 05, 2007

MORE good things in Texas!

Also on the list of "things to do" - Galveston, Clear Lake, Tookie's, Frenchie's, Garden Ridge, Papasito's, Salvation Army and Goodwill for 50 cent books, Kam's, Hancock's, Kingwood, Ulta, Avenue, BlackEyed Pea, Armando's, any new restaurant concept that my "foodie" friends say I have to try with them of course, Wabash Feed store, Bolivar with the grandkids, Children's Museum, Otto's breakfast, lunch and dinner with do you see why I need to be there a month and why I'm worn out when I get back?

1 comment: said...

Hey, I live here and I don't get to all those places. Tookies is in the plan. I'm sorry you missed the gorgeous French Impressionists show at the MFA. It was huge, awesome and a rare glad that it came here.