Friday, April 13, 2007

Uruapan and the Palm Sunday Market

The Market in Uruapan for Palm Sunday begins with a wonderful parade of all of the artisans who are selling at the market. These artisans are from throughout the State of Michoacan. The woman from Ocumicho make clay scenes in outrageous colors and humor. I've been collecting "Last Suppers" and many other things from this village for years because they always make me smile. Their clothing is as brilliant as their artwork.
This lady's name is Maria and I have talked with her year after year. She is so talented........and of course I can't leave her booth without buying something! She is also in the first picture walking with the group of women. Here she is just getting ready to SELL her treasures.

AND to continue the tradition among the generations, the ninos and ninas participate not only in the parade but are in the booths with their parents. Day care is not part of the culture. The children are with the parents often in their booths.....even here in San Miguel.

I loved this lady with her grandson! They were so proud when I wanted to take their picture. So the "abuelo and her nieto" stand proudly looking with love at each other. I love to take time to just be still and watch the people interact with each other. There is such an underlying respect and gentleness.

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Maria is beautiful...I would so like to paint her. Wonderful high cheek bones and weathered face. Great pictures, Babs. Must have been a marvelous trip and I do hope you are going to bring the silver necklace to show off when you come up.