Monday, April 16, 2007

Fading into Obscurity

Back in about 1999 I met a man who said to me "Oh I googled you and there were 57 articles about you!" Wow, was I amazed because I had never heard of being "googled". Now I see that it is considered a verb. So tonight while "googling" something else I decided to see if there were still any articles about my design firm from when that was my life. Yup, I'm fading into obscurity. Only about 15 or 16 are left. It won't be long and they'll say "Who?" That's ok, I remember when it was so important to keep those pr and marketing dollars going to keep the firm's name in the public eye because that was how you got the "big" jobs. I don't have to worry about that anymore...............aaah. And many many of those restaurants and hotels are still operating so I am leaving a legacy, sort of.

1 comment: said...

Not fading into obscurity...just changing your venue. :)