Monday, March 19, 2007

An "unknown" response

It happened today! I got a comment from someone I don't know (Thank you Todd).........It's funny. I started writing this for myself and not especially thinking about who else would read it other then me and a few friends. BUT I now realize how much fun those comments are.......and to get one today from Todd was a delightful surprise. I checked his blog and he lives outside Patzcauro with his wife, a kitten and a rabbit! How he found my blog is a mystery to me but it was nice to get a comment.


Christine said...

I belong to an online forum at Mexiconnected, Someone there has suggested that you have a good blog. So I suspect a lot of us on this site have now read your blog. I enjoyed your descriptions very much and I intend to return from time to time to see what you are up to. I wish you would post a picture of yourself and your new cats!

Babs said...

Thanks for your comments Christine - The cat is feral and I haven't been able to get a picture of the kittens yet. There is a drainpipe right near where she has them and they all run in the pipe when I go near them!

Gin said...

I too learned of your blog from MxConnect forums. It's such fun to read about someone near my own age who is enjoying life and living it to the fullest. Proceed, my dear!!!