Monday, March 19, 2007

Primavera Desfile (Spring Parade)

There are many, many parades in San Miguel but my MOST favorite is the Primavera with all the pre-school and kindergarden children dressed as lady bugs, butterflies, turtles, sharks, lions, and every imaginable animal. Every year I dash to the jardine to watch the happiness of the children and to marvel at the creativity of their mothers. Yes, these costumes are ALL hand made - no Target or Walmart or wherever you would buy a costume - yes, all HAND MADE. It is an absolute delight. So, I take rolls and rolls (yes I still have a "point and shoot" camera) of pictures and the pictures are never as wonderful as just watching the children. The picture of the children behind the fence at the Parroquia look like a zoo of little children to me.

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