Friday, January 03, 2020

Happy Birthday Sebastian Woodrow...........A Tornado of Joy!

Ten years ago tonight, I was on the beach of Calachosa, a little known spot in the road, on the Bay of Cuestacomate overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Sunsets are my thing and very few are ever missed.

Little did I know that in less then twenty-four hours, a new person, a precious baby, was coming into the world who would be my seventh grandchild along with being a very unique and special human being.

Born in Ft. Collins, Colorado, the picture below was taken there.  It is among hundreds that I have, but has always been a favorite.  Sebastian and Matilda........

It is hard to believe that time has passed so fast.  The joy of the family moving back to San Miguel and having time to watch both Seb and Mati grow up has been quite an unexpected gift. All the other
grand kids in the USA are in their 20's.  Never did I expect to have a chance to have little ones around again.

Seb surprises me all the time with his wicked sense of humor, his kindness, and especially his knowledge of things that I have never heard of.  Get him to talk about astrophysics or anything technical and he blows my mind at the broad knowledge he has at this young age. The galaxies
are another favorite topic!

In addition to all that, he, Mati and I love our sessions of either baking Christmas cookies or our "infamous" Easter bunny cakes among other creations.  Great fun.

His silliness and wicked sense of humor makes me laugh a lot.........and he knows it!
That smile lights up the world.  It causes conversations and fun a lot.

He loves little children and the above photo was when he and Mati were at a friend's birthday party.  There was a little boy that he was reaching out to touch.   The look of softness and kindness on his
face tells a beautiful story.

Tomorrow Sebastian will turn 10 years old.  He is growing up faster then a blink of an eye.  It
is exciting for all of us to watch him grow, learn, expand and continue to provide us with eventful
and interesting occurrences on a regular basis.  What a wonder he is.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEB!   Happy Trails..............


Steve Cotton said...

I have watched him grow up through your eyes. He is truly your joy.

Retired Teacher said...

Hope that Sebastian... and grandma... have a very happy day!

Babs said...

Thanks Bill and Steve! Your friendship and comments
are always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The picture of them as babies is more than precious. Too bad we can't slow down the time of the growing process, it goes by entirely too quickly. Give him my belated best wishes for his birthday. May time speed up regarding the loss of their mother. Such a tragedy for all concerned, especially the timing. Beautiful children they are. I so miss mine of their childhood; now they are grandparents in their own right. Happy days to you, Babs.

Babs said...

Thank you "Anonymous" for writing such a beautiful message.
I too wish I could slow down time. It has been amazing how
fast Mati and Seb have been growing up. I'm honored to have
had this experience with them.