Sunday, September 01, 2019

Whoosh! Summer Is Over in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The kids have gone back to school, the decorations for all the Independence festivities are up on the streets of San Miguel and so, it's time to look forward to Fall.

                                                          First day of school - 2019!

We have had lush rain..........the gardens are exquisitely emerald green along with colorful flowers galore.

 The  hummingbirds love the blooming salvia and zip around so busy!  While the bees are busy in the lavender that stretches across the flower bed in front of the house. Always something to see.

 I've been working on adding flower beds in spaces where there was bare dirt.  I can view this blooming begonia bed, in the above photo,  from my living room as I sit to meditate in the morning.

The doves are my "watch birds" when I'm in watching TV in the evening.  One in particular sits on the limb and looks in at me each and every evening.  There has been plenty of mating, therefore, I'm hoping to possibly see babies sometime in the near future.

The kids have been to the beach, to see Matilda's new horse near CDMX along with all kinds of fun activities in SMA such as birthday parties, swimming and just chillin'.

                                      Maddox's 11th Birthday~Sebastian swinging away below
                                                             Waterfalls in Mexico

It went so fast this year!  Today is September 1.  Wowza.

With our fabulous weather in San Miguel in the summer, there is no place I would rather be.  This morning temps were 51F and it will probably get up to about 78F this afternoon.  The rains come about 5:30 in the evenings and sometimes, if we are lucky, it rains all night.  Truly grateful every
day for this weather and my life with family and friends.

Hope you have had a great summer?  I know in the USA football season is coming up.  Then holidays and fun times.  What plans do you have for the Fall months?

Me, "living in the moment", have none yet!  Stay tuned.


mexicokid said...

Babes where is that waterfall located? Thanks les

Babs said...

Hi Les. The waterfall in that photo is in Estado de Mexico. I don't know exactly where as I was not with my son and grandchildren.

The most exquisite waterfalls that I have been to in this area of Mexico are over in Xilitla where Edward James' sculpture gardens, Las Pozas are located. It is about a 6 hour drive because of the curvy roads. But, once there it is one of the top gardens of the world, according to BBC. The waterfalls are on the grounds.......There are more waterfalls or cascadas up near San Luis Potosi, but I would have to do research to tell you exactly where. Thanks for commenting!

mexicokid said...

Thanks I did not mean to call you Babes, even though you are..yes I have done the waterfalls in SLP and by Edward Jame’s they are amazing..I will check on the Internet...enjoy this great SMA day best wishes les

Babs said...

Les, I didn't even notice that! Enjoy your hikes and exploring.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Summer is slipping into autumn. We'll be editing the garden and removing the stuff that has done its thing. Large flocks of birds are gathering in the trees behind the house, getting ready for their migration, chattering noisily in the branches. My brother and SIL are visiting from Holland, great times... May your September days be wonderful.

Babs said...

Peter, so great to hear from you and to know you are well! I'm sure some of those birds will be heading this way. Right this minute, the red headed woodpecker is busy looking for bugs in the giant palm in the front yard. He IS persistent.

How wonderful to have your family visiting from Holland. Holland is one of my favorite places on Earth and I remember my time there with great fondness.

Take care and stay in touch. Hugs to you both!

Retired Teacher said...

I will be coming home from Europe tomorrow. My big chore will be to clear out the flower gardens before mid-October whether we have a killing frost by then or not. That has to be finished before I return again to Mexico.

Babs said...

Bill, I have been keeping up with your fabulous trip! I know you have
had a great time, but, it is always nice to get home too.

I've always lived in the South and then in Mexico where we just have
flowers and gardens all year long. I never thought of having to "clear
out the flower gardens". Yikes.

Safe travels...........