Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Rite of Passage

All little girls that I have ever known, at some point around eight to ten years old love to play "dress up". 

Back in the day when my daughter, Jennifer,  was in drill team at League City High School in Texas, she gave her drill team arm cuffs and outfits to the little girls across the street when her time in the group was over.  Oh my, I could see those girls out on their bikes riding with sequined cuffs on their arms.  It  used to make me smile.  It still does.  They were thrilled.

Fast forward to Matilda, my granddaughter who had her eleventh birthday yesterday.  WHERE does the time go? 

Recently a search of drawers and storage boxes turned up quite a lovely group of things that I thought she would enjoy having.  Many of the things were previous treasures for me and had been kept for over forty years.  Time to let go........

Out came the fuscia caftan that I wore at Club Med in 1978.  Also a red boa that I wore as I strolled the aisles of a performance of Ray Charles in Galveston, Texas, eons ago, with my friend Amanda.

Then there were a few other things, a cute, colorful red shoulder purse, some silk high heels and a red flower to wear in her hair.

Was she thrilled, I would say so.  At one point she had EVERYTHING on all at once.  Here are a few
photos of our afternoon of her modeling and me photographing.

It was not long, however, before the "phone" took priority and this is taken out in the garden with a sweatshirt on and she was twirling and cartwheeling. 

Here is a photo of her probably eight years ago.  My how time flies........
It is a wonder to be able to experience seeing Matilda and Sebastian grow up.  To be able to share in so many memories is a true "joy of life". 

They never leave that I don't chuckle over some comment made by one or the other.........children have great insight into things and dust off the fluff and say the truth.  Have you ever noticed that?

What a treasure!


Barbara Lane said...

Oh my word - she looks soooooooo much like you in the photo taken 8 years ago!! Beautiful!! And how well I remember playing "Dress Up"! We had a trunk of wonderful (to us) cast offs - and never tired of dressing up. It makes me happy to know children still delight in it. Thanks for sharing!

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Babs said...

Hi Barbara - I'm glad you had the chance to have "dress up" clothes too. I remember my cousin and I playing with my grandmother's when we stayed at her house. She even had one of those fox skins (with a head and eyes) that we wore on our shoulders!

All my granddaughters have had great fun over the years in playing "dress up". We also play with Lincoln logs, blocks, and a deck of cards can entertain us for hours. Especially since the kids win way more then I do! ha.

Babs said...

Hi Peter - Internet is good. Many live here and work via internet. There are rentals posted on Craig's list under Guanajuato, which is the state we live in and the name of the State Capital about an hour from here.

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alcuban said...

She did look like you eight years ago! Now each of you had grown more beautiful in your own individual ways!

Babs said...

Oh my, Al, aren't you kind. She is definitely
blossoming into a pre-teen. AND so sweet and
kind.......which is important! Thanks for the
compliment for both of us......

ENJOY the hammock.

R. P. said...

I agree with Al. She was the spittin' image eight years ago. Now her unique personality is blooming like your jardin.
Wow! They are growing up sooo fast! Glad you are all together in SMA.

Gilda Valdez Carbonaro said...


I love how you savor every moment you can with these beautiful grandchildren. Happiness is that! Being able to understand how precious some moments are.



Babs said...

Thanks Robert. When the other grandchildren were growing up, I treasured all the moment (they are now 19 to 27, BUT I was working and traveling and all those things.
Now I REALIZE that I will never have these moments again, and I'm aware of each and every time that I experience something with each one.

Babs said...

Yes, indeed Gilda. Maybe age and wisdom make you aware of each and every moment. Savor is the perfect word. Thank you. Precious is as well.

Thanks for commenting.