Saturday, September 15, 2018

On the Downhill Side - Literally!

When I move to the Fracciomento, Los Frailes, I will be about 400 ft lower in elevation!  So, literally,
I am going down hill.

It has been an interesting, stressful and exhausting fifteen days of packing and staging everything for the GRAND sale that has been going on every day except Sundays since the first of the month.

Everything has been done by appointment so that I'm not inundated with people which I could not
handle alone.

Thankfully two magnificent friends came one day and one labeled everything (and I do mean everything) in both houses while another came that afternoon to price things.  I had already made
a price list of the BIG furniture items, but there is so much more then that.

It was not apparent to me that there is so much art, books, decorative items like Mexican folkart, dishes, kitchen stuff and still drapes and curtains.  On the Civil List I mentioned that I had ceiling fans to sell and was totally shocked at the outpouring of people who wanted a ceiling fan!  Who knew?  Problem is, I don't have anyone to take them down, so I have put that scenario on hold until I find someone to do that.

It is a great sociological study to see what people buy or don't buy even though that was what they initially say they are coming for.........People are fascinating.

I've met several people who live in the area where I am going - the hinterlands.  But, it gives me a
small glimmer of hope that all will be well.

One of the most unexpected experiences has been nearly everyone who has come to the sale exclaims about the gardens and wanders around enjoying the beauty.  Others exclaim about the house with the stone walls and arches.  Others exclaim about the views.  Most ask "Why are you leaving such a beautiful place?"  To put it mildly, that has not helped my psyche.  But, I'm pushing myself downhill.

Here are some of the things still here for the sale.  There will be a public sale on September 22nd from 10AM til 2PM.  Then whatever is left, if worth it, will go to a consignment store or to Alma, who has a large sale once a month to fund the Old People's Home here in San Miguel.

                                                                                                                2 barstools SOLD

And, a few more things that I'm surprised have not sold as yet.  Three more shopping days before the Public sale.  To come and buy, email me at for appointment Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday..............of this coming week.

                                                                                                                          Coffee Table SOLD

I'll either see you up here on the hill or "down the road" after September.  Happy  Trails!


Steve Cotton said...

Ah. The hinterlands in the highlands. That sounds like a good title for a short story.

Babs said...

Steve, I think it could be a LONG story, but who the heck would want to read it? Although I'm still thrilled and shocked at the number of people who enjoy reading Babsblog!

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Looks like the momentum is going well. In Los Frailles walking should be a bit easier for you. Wow, we sure loved that house, what a place, but for you it's time to move on. No looking back! Good luck with the sale.

Babs said...

Thanks Peter. It is amazing how much has sold, but how much is still left is sort of
disconcerting. Who knew there was this much stuff? ha.

Donnis said...

You have fabulous favorite folk art. I simply do not have another wall or surface to put anything. I know you will love living "down hill" close to your family. Best of luck with the sale. xo

Babs said...

Thanks Donnis, wish you had more wall space. Much of the wall art is by SMA artists. I particularly looked for it when furnishing the guest house. IF you know anyone who needs decorative items and art, please give them my email address. I would be so grateful......

BIG open sale on Saturday, the 22nd here at the house. Prices will be unbelieveable.

Time 10 - 2.

Rick said...
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Rick said...

Progress! Sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill but always good.

Contessa said...

A huge undertaking no doubt. I finally figured out that you were moving and downsizing. Good luck with it all.

Babs said...

Rick, it has been an uphill and downhill experience to be sure, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. One week from tomorrow.

Babs said...

Contessa, Indeed.