Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mexico First Choice for Second Home Buyers in USA

There was an interesting article in Mexico News Daily online newspaper this week, which quotes interesting information on real estate in Mexico.

The article is about a survey on a website "Point 2 Homes" which tracked the number of searches by US citizens interested in purchasing housing in Mexico.

With approximately 64,000 searches per month, Puerto Vallarta was first, followed by San Miguel de Allende with close to 7,000 searches per month.  It appears that the fact that there is "an alluring cultural scene" here added to the interest.  Mexico City only had a little over 2,000 searches, surprisingly.

After San Miguel were three more beach towns, Playa de Carmen, Cabo San Lucas and #5 was Cancun.  Beach towns are a whole different vibe from San Miguel.

It might help to explain some of the reasons why SMA is being inundated with people looking at and buying properties rather rapidly these days.

That and all the accolades from various publications over the last three or four years.  It certainly is astounding to us "oldtimers".

I'm meeting people from Hawaii, San Francisco, Boston, South America!  You name it - they are coming.............People with the ability to buy anywhere in the World who are choosing San Miguel.  Interesting, accomplished people who I look forward to getting to know.

My son, who is in real estate with CDR/Christie's, confirms what this article says.  Yes, they are coming and they are buying, whether it is a second home or a primary residence.  Many are doing as I did many years ago and choosing a less stressful and simpler life, South of the Border. 

Having heard from many of you blog readers in the last few weeks who are in town, it occurred to me after reading this article, that perhaps I should give out my son John's contact information.

John has been in the business world for many years.  According to his clients, in words they have shared with me, they say, "He is the most professional, organized, and knowledgeable" person they have ever worked with...........(makes a Mom's heart happy).  Not only that, but John has said to me from time to time that he told this person or that, that the house they thought they wanted was not right for them in one way or the other...........Yes, former clients tell me he was a huge help in directing them to the right house and the right property.

Here is his contact information:  John Eckrote 044 415 124-4755.  His email address is  Contact him if you are interested in seeing real estate in San Miguel.  He's laid back and low key.
Welcome to San Miguel!  I always look forward to meeting readers of the blog when ya'll are in town. Thanks for taking time to comment so often and for staying in touch.


Unknown said...

We met John several times and he is indeed a nice man. A son a mother can be proud of and also a great dad.

Babs said...

Thanks Shelagh - I'll be sure to let John know of your thoughtful comments. I appreciate it immensely.