Saturday, May 20, 2017

Outtahere Soon!

It is that time of the year when I head north of the border to see family, friends and the city that was home for thirty-four years.

It's always a whirlwind affair.  Houston is so big that if you are in the area around NASA where I and my children lived for seventeen years, you are over fifty miles from the other side of Houston!  To say it is spread out is an understatement.  Here in San Miguel, one can walk from one side of town to
the other in about forty minutes!

The whirlwind is always fun.  The last two years my trip was to be there for my oldest granddaughter's graduation from Texas A&M.  Then last year was Hannah and Andrew's graduation from high school in Kingwood.

This year it is the graduation of my grandson, Christopher, from Clear Lake High School.  There will be one more graduation, when Emma graduates, and then it will be quite a while before Matilda and
Sebastian, who are here in San Miguel get to that age.

I'm thrilled to be able to be with Christopher for his graduation and to catch up on what his plans are
for his future.  At one point he told me he wanted to go into robotics.  This past year he built a drone from scratch.  He is VERY detail oriented.  It is very exciting that the whole world is open to him and
his dreams as it has been to all of the grandchildren.

Then there is seeing all of the rest of the family in one way or the other.  Here are a few photos of the big celebration and the time spent with family last year.

 In the above photo, hidden but not forgotten is my brother and sister-ín-law, my daughter, and my oldest granddaughter Jessica.  I don't know where the rest of the family was at the time of this photo, but there are more then this!
 I treasure the above photo.  It is my daughter, Jewels, along with Jessica, Hannah and Emma.  Note they are ALL taller then me!  Amazing.
This was such a fun photo.  The kids had been cooking and we had a great dinner.  They even cleaned up the kitchen!  This is Emma, me, Christopher and Hannah. 

The agenda for thisupcoming trip is exciting.  First, when I land and get a rental car, I'll head to my dear friend Martha's house.  We met twenty-five years ago through the Houston Culinary Guild and a delightful friendship has grown.  Martha is a food historian.  She has traveled worldwide in pursuit of more knowledge about the subject of food.  Her knowledge is extensive and enlightening.  Even at her age of somewhere in the mid-80's, she is always busy going somewhere or doing something.   She is a treasure to know.  A true Southern woman.  I call her my Steel Magnolia.

I'm blessed that when I call friends in Houston and say I'm coming up, they always reply, "You are going to stay with me or us for a while, aren't you?"  And, I do.  I'll be at Martha's for about five days then I head toward Galveston and stay with my friends, Amanda and Patrick on Galveston Bay!

My plans continue when I head back inland toward Clear Lake to spend a couple of nights in that area so I can be near my grandson for his graduation.  During that time a dinner party has been planned to see friends.  One is a realtor who helped me find a house to buy after my husband died in 1978!  We have been lifelong friends. 

Then I head to Austin to spend time with Jessica and to check out her new living accommodations along with seeing where she works.  I'll be there for a few days. 

Who knows where I'll be after that.  By then we're at about the 8th of June.  I'll only have six days left.  It's hard to plan that far in advance, but I can't wait to spend time with my daughter, son-in-law and all the grand kids.  Whew.  No, I haven't forgotten my brother and sister-in-law either. OR my nephew Ryan and his wife Lacey who are expecting another baby.  They have two precious boys now and it's exciting to wonder who the addition to the family will be. 
 The photos of the flowers and gardens were taken last year while staying at my brother and sister-in-law's house.  She is a fabulous gardener which is reflected in how lush and beautiful all the gardens look on each of my visits. 
Annette has tropical things in her gardens that I can not get to grow at this elevation, unfortunately.  Gardenias are one of the plants.  She has a wall of gardenias.  The fragrance for me, brings back
so many memories. 
Hopefully while in the Houston area, I'll get to sail a couple of times.  Something I miss greatly here in San Miguel.  It still amazes me that I do not live near water anymore.  In addition, I'm sure I'll enjoy a sunset or two from somewhere on this journey. 

While I'm off gallivanting around for several weeks, Josefina, the maid and Javier, the handyman and gardener, will be here watching over the house and taking care of the daily chores. Thank goodness for them.

I am definitely a lucky lady to have the life I live.  The family I love.  And the friends who enrich my life.  

See you on down the road.


Retired Teacher said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip!

Babs said...

Thanks Bill. I still want to connect in CDMX when you are down there....this summer, hopefully.

Unknown said...

Your leaving and I have tears in my eyes, Javier and Josephina were beyond kind to us while we stayed there. Please give them a big hug from us. When I fell and hit my head requiring stitches they were like mama and papa bear making sure I was fine. Such wonderful people and we were so happy and fortunate to meet their extended families. Safe trip and have fun. Cheers, Shelagh

Babs said...

Yes, Shelagh, Josefina and Javier make life so much better for me. I'm very blessed.
I intend to have fun and hopefully a safe trip as well.

Hope our paths cross again some day.


Scott said...

Have a great trip. Hopefully there won't be heavy rains in the Houston area like the last couple of years.