Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sumidero Canyon and Chiapa de Corzo - The LAST Day!

 We left San Cristobal on Day 7 for the hour ride down to Chiapa de Corzo.  Aaah, we were returning to a tropical and warm climate after rainy, and as usual, cold, San Cristobal!  It was a very welcome change.
 The hotel, La Ceiba, several blocks from the town square was a little bit of paradise.  I chose not to go on the town walk as I had done that years before.  Instead, I got a pina colada, an order of guacamole and just vegged by the pool. 

Earlier on the bus, David had mentioned that the river was empty!  but that it was expected that it would be
refilled overnight from the dam and be ready for us the next morning!  What?  Imagine emptying the Mississippi River and expecting it to be refilled overnight.  Oh me, of little faith, I expected to see a great sandy expanse the next morning at 7AM when we arrived at the docks.  In fact, if truth be known, I hardly slept the night before worrying about whether at 7AM we would all be faced with a giant sandbar.
 I should have never doubted David.  Somehow, even though the river was about 15 or more feet lower then the last time I was on it, it was still magnificent. 
 Since it was all "new" water, it was a deep deep green and beautiful.  Another good thing is we had had to reschedule from going the previous day in the afternoon to this early morning excursion.  It was perfect.  The wildlife was out in full force - vultures, egrets, birds of all descriptions and even a crocodile sunning itself on a
sandy slope. 
 This beautiful sight is a waterfall without water streaming down it.  It was not the rainy season as yet so we got to see the formation in all its glory.  Quite extraordinary.
 There was much fern and tiny flowers blooming in the crevices.  A few bromeliads as well.  The photo above is at the top where the water spews out from the side of the mountain.
 Here is a marker showing how low the water was on this morning.  Lots more filling up to do in the days to come.  Our trip was a mini trip and not the three hours that I had traveled previously to the dam.  It was just as well as we needed to return to Chiapa de Corzo, grab our bags, and head for Tuxla Guitterez for the flight back to CDMX and then the bus ride home to San Miguel.  It was another long day.
 The brick Moorish style building in the background on the plaza was built in the 1600's and is an icon of Mexico.
 Our trusty guides, Patricio and David.  Patricio left us in Chiapa de Corzo. We were grateful to him for his knowledge, his patience and just being Patricio.  I highly recommend hiring Patricio as a guide if you are ever anywhere in Chiapas.  Contact me for that information.  David, the owner of Vagabundos Tours was our steady, always there and always ready leader.  No better could ever be found, anywhere in the world in my humble opinion.
As we sat in the airport, waiting for our departure, this photo was a fitting way to end the adventure.  Viva Mexico!


Scott said...

Looks like it was a splendid journey. Thanks for sharing the story of your trip and the photographs.

Babs said...

Thanks Scott for your comment. It WAS splendid. If you have not been there
I highly suggest that you add it to your list! One of the wonderful things is
the diversity of this state. I did not even begin to get to all the waterfalls
or the village where they harvest the amber, or, or, or...........