Saturday, February 25, 2017

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is in HOT Water

IT was not my intention to write about this.  The intention had been to write about the disappearing cliff here in Col. Azteca. due to the new "plaza" the administration is having built to view the canyon.

But upon seeing the headline in Atencion yesterday along with hearing from Javier, the gardener about his new gift, it was absolutely necessary that this information be shared with you.  It is heartwarming and just about now, heartwarming is a good thing.

As I was leaving yesterday morning, Javier who was watering the plants, stopped me to tell me his exciting news.  It appears that the city has given his family a new solar water heater.  They have never had ANY kind of water heater but instead heated water on their stove with a metal coil.  His excitement was because they will not have to pay for gas or electricity to heat the water heater and they did not have to pay a peso for the water heater.

Living in his home where he and his wife originally raised five sons, are the same five sons and now their wives and children.  Can you imagine not having hot water for that many people unless you heated it on the stove or took a cold shower?  I had no idea that they did not have a water heater.  Oh my, the things we take for granted.

The city not only gave Javier and his family a solar water heater, they gave 4,805 solar water heaters to people in rural communities and other areas such as San Luis Rey.  The mayor, when handing these out,
stated that it should save about 3,500 pesos a year because they won't be using electricity or gas.  A savings
of approximately $175USD per year.  A sizeable amount for those who live on about $2,500USD a year or less.

Last year about this time people were given televisions.  The only problem with that is many people live without electricity.  What good is a television?

This administration has been more responsive to the needs of about 35,000 people both in this village and outlying areas by helping with cisterns, stoves and other needs.  They have invested eight times more money in programs in this municipality then the previous administration!

Along with the over one hundred NGO's (non-governmental organizations) in San Miguel many good things are quietly done to help the people have better lives.

As Javier explained to me how he had to build a wall out of donated bricks to house the water heater,  he got more and more enthused about how wonderful it is going to be for the grand babies to have warm water to bathe in each day!  Oh my.....   


TakeToTheHighwaydotcom said...

Figures, the "feel good story" of the day would come from Mexico!

Babs said...

Indeed! Come back - you are most welcome........

Charles said...

This made my day...especially since most of the newsfeeds now are about DT...thanks for sharing!

Babs said...

Glad to uplift the spirits of whoever reads this piece.
I've been outside in the sunshine in the gardens today.
It is amazing how that lifts my spirits as well.....

Thanks Charles for commenting.

Unknown said...

Pretty amazing, we just asumed Javier had a water heater. Thankfully his life is getting better. PLease say hello to him and Josephina from us. Thanks Barbara

alcuban said...

The city, state or someone is also giving out electric solar panels, so Don Vicente, the rancher who lives at the bottom of the valley from our house now has electricity and lights at night. Fancy that.

Babs said...

Shelagh, I'll pass your greetings on to Javier.

Al, that is wonderful news. Living in this area,
with this much sunshine, we should ALL be on solar.

IF I didn't have gas bills, and electric bills it
would make a big difference in my life!