Sunday, January 15, 2017

TBD-The Black Dog

 She is a wily little bundle of energy with an agenda.  I noticed her the first day that I arrived. 
Something that is not typical for me.  But she was so intent on her  mission, which was to find anyone to throw the ball for her.  The first time I noticed her she was pushing the ball with her nose and aimed it directly for the back of the ankle of a little kid.  It hit like an eight ball in the pocket. 

The kid turned around, saw the ball, saw the dog and throwing the ball became all consuming for him
For TBD, it became catching it, if possible, in mid air or getting it fast enough and getting it back to the thrower fast enough so the game continued. 

The dog never became worn out, but the thrower, whoever it was, always did.

When I would come out on the balcony about 9AM, she was already sitting out on the beach with
the ball - ready and waiting.  It never took long.......or if there was no one, she played with herself by pushing the ball around in the sand with her nose or throwing it up in the air with her mouth and then chasing it. I swear it was like watching dog tricks continuously.

Two days ago I found out who her owner is and that her name is "Tia".  I was happy to know she has an owner and is not just a feral dog.

 I don't think I've ever seen a happier, busier dog.  From morning to sunset there she is bringing joy to herself and fun to others.  It doesn't take much - a ball, a rock, a stick and someone to throw it.  A life of simplicity. 
She plays well with little bitty kids or big burly men who think they can thrown farther then she can run.  Not possible.  Even when the little bitty kids throw it about a foot, she is still polite and brings it back to them.  Did you notice her ball in the surf, always nearby?

TBD, The Black Dog, as I nicknamed her, has a great life and has reminded me of  some of the important lessons in life these past ten days.  What a joy she has been to behold.



Peter Kouwenhoven said...

A truly happy puppy, makes you paws and reflect... Life at the beach is good.

Babs said...

Love your pun, Peter! Life is good, anywhere as long as you are this side of the dirt!