Friday, December 30, 2016

Oh The Places to Sit and Read

Either life is getting busier or I'm slowing down - maybe a bit of both.  Much to my joy, recently I found out that my daughter, Mrs. Hogan, has written a proposal to help the kids she loves and teaches on a full time basis.

Now, both she and I have some homework for you so you can read about this proposed project.  I could not upload the page from the non-profit, so here is what you can do.

Type in, then  type in Oh the places to sit and read - Porter, Texas and the whole page will come up.  It's a relatively tiny project that will have a huge impact on these kids that come from low
income families.

Any donations made in the next four days will be matched dollar for dollar by Donors Choice up to $50USD, if you put LIFTOFF, in the Promo Code box.

The thing I'm so thrilled about is that my daughter, who has always worked for the underdog and kids, chose reading as the way to help these kids to expand their horizons.  Needless to say my pride in her knows no bounds.

Hopefully reading is important in your life.  I know many of you out there who are avid readers.  Could you help with a little donation?

Thanks so much!


Barbara Lane said...

I'm in! I can't imagine life without books! Bravo for your daughter's dedication to this project. Reading is so, so important. You can go anywhere in the world by opening a book. Books are magical vehicles. Can't think of a better way to kick off the New Year than by donating to such a lovely cause. Bless you and yours and I wish you the best year yet!

Babs said...

Thanks Barbara for your enthusiasm and your understanding. My sentiments exactly.

Hope you're settled in your new abode. So looking forward to meeting you when I return from the beach which will be mid-February. I'm leaving the first part of
this coming week for 6 weeks of bliss.

Again, thanks so much.

Barbara Lane said...

I am in the initial throes of unpacking. The chaos seems to multiply daily, though I know the madness will come together soon. Right now however it is mind boggling. :) I, too, look forward to getting together. Drive safe and have a wonderful time at the beach and I'll see you when you return. Happy New Year!