Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I'm With Her - Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that this is not a site for rants and ravings.  It is not a site of negativity or something to take you down for the day.  My thought has always been that you can get that
somewhere else.

Hence, there have not been any or maybe one, political post.  Here is the second. 

Having been raised a staunch Democrat, it has not been easy.  Especially when we moved from Chicago when I was a child to north Louisiana at the age of 10.  Oh my, we were pariahs.  We were Democrats,
Catholics, from the North and my Dad was in the beer business.  There were kids who could not play with
me!  Seriously.

It did not get any better when we moved to Baton Rouge for a few years or even when I finished high school in Alexandria.  Nope, politics was not a topic of discussion.  To say I was in the minority would be an understatement.

However, at the age of 28 when we moved to Houston, it was a pleasant surprise to find an open, liberal attitude toward politics and life.  Very refreshing. 

One could have a civil discussion about candidates, about voting, about who you supported without threats.
It caused me to get involved in the local and national political events in Houston.  After all, those were the
days of Molly Ivins, LBJ, Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan.

Sadly, those days passed and the scene in Texas has been dismal.  Houston has always remained liberal as has Austin, but statewide it has been a major embarrassment during the Perry era and now with Abbott.
Don't get me started.......

After recently reading a book on the beginnings of Hitler and then the activities of his "campaign", the Brownshirts and how the people reacted in fear by not confronting the situation for fear of retaliation which happened often, I decided it was important to speak out about the current situation.

To say I find it abhorrent would be an understatement.  It would be impossible to tell you how often a speech has been on TV that I was watching that caused me to sit and shake my head.  So much of it reminds me of
things said and done racially back in the 50's and 60's in Louisiana and Mississippi about African Americans.  Now it is about Hispanics, Muslims and mostly anyone who is not a WASP - a White Anglo Saxon Protestant....male. 

So, today, for what it is worth, it is important for me to say that I support Hillary Clinton.  It's not a snap judgement.  I've kept up with her and her work for others since she worked for the Children'' Defense Fund.  I read a book during the time of her husband's governorship written by a Pulitzer Prize writer that told a lot about her and her work for others.  As Secretary of State, I did not always agree with stances that were taken but admiration and support always won out.  Her work with both sides of the aisle as NY Senator showed her working style better then anything, I thought.  Always, always, with dignity.

It feels now and always has that I understood her core.  She's from the Midwest where your work and your integrity were paramount.  If you said you were going to do something, by golly, you did it - sick or not.
You always had a sense of need to do for others, first and foremost, be they family or fellow citizens.

You see, I was raised the same way.  We could not sleep late.  We had to be responsible for our room, our actions and for how we treated others.  The Golden Rule was THE rule.  We were expected to give back to the community as well as our family.  It has been my path.

Even the "sick" thing this weekend made me smile, sort of.  An example of my behavior is that once I was working on a hotel design project.  Needed to fly to El Paso to meet with a vendor, even though I was so sick that I was afraid my ears would explode on the plane, BUT I plodded forward.  The meeting was held and by the end of that day I was so sick, that the vendor had to drive me to my hotel where I spent two days in bed sicker then a dog.  During those two days all I could think of was the work that needed to be done.  That is just one example of many where I put myself last, while family and work came first.

That is not my lifestyle any longer.  But I certainly can understand Hillary's story. 

I was beyond proud the day that Obama was elected the first time and cried with joy.  I was astounded and thrilled at his second election.  I sincerely hope that our country makes the right move on election day in 2016 and elects a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton as President of the USA.  I have great faith in the "silent majority".

It would be a day that would be a culmination for all of us women who have quietly worked to make life better for our daughters and granddaughters along with our sons and grandsons and all of the World!


La Tejedora said...

Barbara, so beautifully said that it made me cry. Thanks! Nora

Charles said...

My sentiments exactly...thanks so much for sharing...we can only hope there are many more of us out there. Tump has uncovered the very worst in America...very disturbing to realize the extent of the hatred and bigotry that exists. But we shall wins...always. Hugs from the big city!

Babs said...

Goodness, Nora, that was not my intention. I have hesitated to write this post for weeks..........but I just HAD to do it! I feel if we don't stand up and be counted we could end up with the worst person to ever run in the history of the USA!

Charles, thanks for your comments. I so hope I get to come over to your "neck of the woods" in mid November for the Folkart Festival at Lake Chapala. Then we could get together in Tlaquepaque or somewhere to finally meet!

Life's a Beach! said...

I'm in total agreement Babs. Some friends recently visited Europe on a river cruise and visited the death camps. Guides there pointed out that Hitler started out with the concept Make Germany Great Again in his propaganda. Pretty frightening. I'm with Hillary because I cannot support someone who promotes racism/bigotry/violence/xenophobia and deplorable behavior in general. Thanks for coming out!

Babs said...

Thanks Beck for posting. The phrase "Make America Great Again" is a play on the German phrase as is "America First" that had a racist group that was called that in the past!

Let's hope we have a positive outcome in this election!

Croft said...

I am a Canadian with my roots in the US and I have been following (and commenting) on the US election for some time. Like you, I fully support Hillary and have nothing but admiration for Obama. Thank you for this post!

Babs said...

Thanks Croft! We are simpatico on many subjects!

Retired Teacher said...

Thank you. I totally agree with you, Barbara. As you know, I too tend to shy away from political topics on my blog. But a while ago I couldn't hold my tongue (or my typing fingers)any longer, and I wrote a couple of anti-Trump posts.

Trump plays to the public's lowest fears and emotions. Even though it would appear (knock on wood) that Hillary will win, I am truly embarrassed and ashamed that such a large segment of our population has been duped by his demagoguery.

The Republicans have been demonizing Hillary for decades. Wasn't it Himmler, or one of those Nazis, that said that if you tell a lie long enough, people will start to believe it? And so we have people that hate her with a passion while ignoring the daily evidence of what a dangerous, vile, incompetent man Trump is.

I shall be voting early next month since I will be in Mexico. On election night I will be glued to the Mexican TV anxiously awaiting the results.

Joan said...



jennifer rose said...

Nothing you write will change my mind, nor will anything I write change yours. But I will use this opportunity to mention that I'm proud to be supporting the GOP nominee.

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

BRAVA Barbara! Well said and I could not agree more. (Retired Teacher's comment also nails it)! The systemic misogyny waged against HRC has reached a ridiculous level this past year. It saddens me that so many young women are blinded to that.

As the Houston Chronicle and Dallas Morning News editorial boards recently stated so eloquently-- this election is not about parity (equally qualified Democrat vs. Republican exchanging policy ideas)-- it's about putting the security of the country above partisanship.

For lifelong Republicans to believe that Trump will somehow continue the legacy of Reagan, or that his porno wife will be as wonderful a role model to our children as a Barbara or Laura Bush is absolutely ludicrous!

There is only one qualified, temperamentally sound candidate running for the office this year, and only one who has been fully transparent with tax returns, foreign financial ties, medical records, foundation donors, and decades of public service accomplishments. The other has shared none of this, has gone virtually unchecked and uninvestigated by the media, and has NO track record of delivering anything of benefit to ordinary Americans (only a record of enriching himself).

I pray that the silent majority is still out there and will remind the mindless in November that we are, indeed, a stronger nation when we all take our democracy seriously, carefully research and elect leaders of substance. But just in case the majority should shift from silent to "deplorable"..... I'll also be voting early and fleeing the U.S. for the sanctuary of San Miguel by election day!

norm said...

It will all be about turn out, as it always is, the race tightening up a bit will bring more Democrats out to the polls. I've always joked that the best way to elect a Democrat is to have a clear blue sky day on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. So many city Dems use public transport and the polling places tend to have much longer lines to vote in the city. No one likes standing in the rain to cast a ballot. Dry election days are good for the Democrats.

At least 90% of the electorate has made up their mind and there is little more than one of those two kicking off that will change any of those 90%s mind. At least 6% are voting for a third party, so the money is being spent on 4% of the vote. I just do not see Trump getting all of that 4% and he would need to get all of it to even have a chance with poll numbers I'm seeing.

So hope for good weather on election day and a tight enough race where good people do not stay home because they think they have it in the bag.

Babs said...

Norm,Lynne, Joan, Jennifer and Bill - Thanks for your comments.

Norm, I too HOPE that all get out and vote. There are EIGHT MILLION expats spread around the world! I hope they vote as well. I certainly will. Hope too there is good weather.

Lynne, I was speechless when I first saw the endorsement from the Houston Chronicle and then blown away by the Dallas Morning News! Hopefully the times are changing.....
Absolutely amazing. Will see you in San Miguel when you get here.

Jennifer, I'm not surprised but saddened at your decision.

Joan, thanks

Bill, MAYBE we will connect in Mexico City this trip.............maybe. And, I so hope that Hillary carries OHIO.

Retired Teacher said...

Barbara, I will be in Mexico City from October 25 through November 17. It would be great to see you!

John Calypso said...

Babs - I think Hilary is IN. Been sayin' it for years...Perhaps a woman's touch will lead to better government - Lots of countries with female leadership right now. Could they ban together to utilzye 'mother' skills?

Anonymous said...

I'm a cynic and an anarchist and neither candidate turns me on. But I admire your work ethic it is like mine, there's a job to be done and it has to be finished no matter what. Mine comes from working on the circus. The Show must go on.
All Presidents have failed since FDR.... I watch the nation crumble and decided it was best to go into exile. Hillary has a lot of rebuilding to do if she gets in, Trump is too ignorant to make things right. I've lost Hope. It's a Gringo problem now, unfortunately the troubles spill over into Mexico.

norm said...

An interesting number that 8 million is: A hundred and eighty billion dollars if they all spend $20,000 a year, even a well rounded number like a hundred billion is real money. The corollary for a pro immigration guy is: How many immigrants (expats) are there in the US, legal and not, what do they spend?

Unknown said...

A nice, artfully positive commentary. Thank you. If He-Who-Could-Not-Be-Named is somehow elected, our Mexico residence fantasy will become much more serious.

Unknown said...

I am in complete agreement. And as someone else commented "Retired Teacher nailed it," with the lie told so often many believe it.

I had to chuckle to hear you describe Houston as liberal....But coming from Louisiana I guess it seemed so. I grew up in Houston in a family of liberal Democrats and in our social circle we were always in a very small minority. My dad was friends with Barbara Jordan while she was making her start in politics on a local level in Houston. Oh how she could speak with such power and eloquence. And both Ann Richards and Molly Ivans were amazingly articulate and funny as could be.

Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado said...

I am a dual citizen of Mexico and Canada. I have been told by a few Trump supporters that I have no right to give my personal opinion about the November 8th election. I think I have absolutely every right to do so - I wish more US voters would realize that this election is NOT just about the USA. The whole world will be affected by the outcome, especially the two countries that border your country. I hope that sanity will prevail in the long run and HRC will be elected president. Thank you Barbara for telling it like it is.

crynoutloud said...

Hillary. A life of exemplary public service. I hope the Trump women, melania and the daughters, can see that and vote for the right person too.
Hillary is from Park Ridge. Great family town of Chicagoans who worked and lived the American dream. She knows what this Country is all about.

Babs said...

Goodness gracious! I'm thrilled to hear from so many of you with your thoughts and comments. Crynoutloud - indeed, I know Park Ridge as I lived in Norwood Park, which I think is right next to Park Ridge! We used to go to the Forest Preserves almost every Sunday as a BIG family - our family, aunts, uncles grandparents, cousins. What a fun childhood. Then when the snow came, my uncle used to pull us on the back of his car in our sled on the streets of the city! Things I'll never forget!

Joanna - I so so agree. This election will impac the World and not just the USA!

Laura - Well a city that voted twice and carried Obama, had a Lesbian Mayor and a Black Police Chief etc, to me was surely liberal in comparison to many other places. Barbara Jordan, to me, was the epitome of a Stateswoman of the highest degree!

David - If the unnamed candidate wins, there will be a tsunami heading to Mexico!

Norm - Good question! The immigrants, mostly, in the USA operate on a "cash basis", not so much the gringoes in Mexico who usually keep most of their money in the USA.

MexicoMystic - I think it is all of our problem - the entire World. Keeping my fingers crossed that we never find out how bad it could be!

Calypso, I've often thought a woman's intuition and touch might be just what we need now.

Bill - Your dates are noted and I'll be in touch......

Michael Dickson said...

Comparing the GOP candidate with Hitler is beneath you, Barbara. You, and the others here who parrot that, should be quite embarrassed. Accept different opinions.

Veronica said...

Are you seriously ready for hillary

Babs said...

Veronica, I have respected and admired Hillary, as I said from her beginnings with the Childrens Defense fund through all her other commitments to America. BTW, I have two Special Needs grandchildren. If it had not been for Hillary working tirelessly to get the CHIP, Childrens Health Insurance Program, my special needs grandchildren would have not had all the care that they needed as they grew up.

Felipe - Read the blog. I did not compare Hitler to Trump. Or Trump to Hitler. Although now that you mention it, you might want to read some books on Hitler and then you'll get my meaning.

Dana Hill said...

I'm with you, and her, Babs! Thanks for your thoughtful post.

crynoutloud said...

I found an interesting tidbit on your Norwood park neighborhood. If you hadn't moved, you may have been swinging with the gang at Taft Highschool

"A 2011 reproduction of the original Grease (musical) by American Theater Company in Chicago revisited Norwood Park's influence on the production. Creator Jim Jacobs attended Taft High School, which was used as the backdrop to Grease. Much of what is in the play is based on his experience growing up in Norwood Park during the 1950s and 1960s. He has stated that the characters of Grease were based on actual people he attended school with. During the reproduction, many Chicago references were put in, including references to the characters living on "Chicago's Northwest side" as middle class first-generation Americans with parents who worked in local factories. Also mentioned were local favorites, including Superdawg"

Babs said...

Wow! Crynoutloud! Who knew? My sister and brother both graduated from Taft
High School in the 50's. I'll have to tell my sister, who lives in McHenry, about this. The kids from Taft were at our house all the time! Amazing.

Thanks for sharing.

Babs said...

Hi Dana! Good to hear from you - it's been a while.
I'm thrilled to see so many who read this blog are
on the same page politically. It is uplifting for me.

Rick said...

Bless you girl!
Beautifully stated and we are with you in heart and soul.
Rick and Lily

marilyn said...

Bravo, Babs!!! Good for you to write your belief, not knowing what response to expect. I saw "30 comments" and I couldn't wait to see what your readers are writing. I'm hoping to be able to go to SMA just before the election and ride it out there. I hope I'll find some of these folks who think as I do.

DT has been a joke for at least 30 years & amazingly, now, he's being taken seriously. Sadly the joke is no longer funny. No comprendo.

I was a strong supporter of Hillary in 2000, not as much now, but happy to vote for her, as I have no doubt she is completely capable of being president.

Lena J

Babs said...

Hi Rick and Lily - so so nice to hear from you two! I think of you from time to time. Came across the photo of us having lunch many moons ago. Hope you come back again some day. Thanks for writing........Glad you're with me "heart and soul".

Lena, SMA is absolutely for Hillary. Even many Republicans are! So, it will be a
delightful place to be on Election Day! I am amazed at the number of comments and
relieved at how many are for Hillary as well. Thanks for your comment!

John Calypso said...

Always admire the way you ladies conserve memorabilia. Nicely done.

joewosik said...

I was reading your blog and I really enjoyed your posts with this post I knew I had to actually compliment you on your blog. I too have been a Hillary fan for a long time. Truly the only thing Trump has said that resonated with me in all of his rambling offensive clap trap was when he was asked to compliment Hillary in the last debate. He said she never ever stops and never ever stops fighting for what she believes in. This was possibly the most overwhelming and ironic testimonial for Hillary voiced in the entire election. I didn't need to be sold on Hillary at all but Trump himself contrasted him with her so concisely in that sentence it was shocking.
I was truly emotionally moved voting for Obama in 2008 and living in California I also had the vote back then to allow our gay friends to marry...wonderful! THAT was amazing. Now voting early for Hillary has been another wonderful experience. I cannot wait to see America join most other Industrialized nations in having a woman leader. President Hillary Clinton. Tuesday is election day...cannot wait!

Wonderful blog...wonderful post....keep posting are broadening our horizons by showing us your world. And post a blog now and then to the "On the Road In Mexico" Facebook group to remind us to check out your blog!!!!

Babs said...

Well Joe, you have made my day. Thanks so much for writing.

I was concerned about writing a political blog, but I just HAD to. Really.

Your comments are very insightful. I so so hope Hillary wins. I'm so anxious
at the present time and shocked that the race is so close. Of course I never
thought about all the dirty tricks that Trump would pull.

I'll bet there will be a huge investigation of the FBI when this is all over.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Tuesday night and that people are sensible about

How sad this is that it is not a joyful time to celebrate the first woman President. Maybe that will come next week.

I'll check out the FB group, thanks.