Monday, February 22, 2016

Favorite Photos

I might see an image and instantly take a photo either because of the light or the composition, but I can't tell until I see it larger on the computer screen versus the teeny tiny screen on the camera whether I like it or not.  I really like the photo above.

The light and composition of this old woman vendor touches my heart in so many ways.  She is from the State of Guerrero.  The amount of miles she must walk that beach daily selling whatever she is selling just stuns me.  I saw her each time I was at this beach and finally talked with her.

The state of Guerrero is a long way from the state of Jalisco, but the people come to the beaches because not as many tourists travel to Guerrero as do farther up the coast to where she is now.  Guerrero has Acapulco and Ixtapa and Zihautanejo, but still not as many tourists.

The waters of the Bay of Cuestacuomate are usually placid and almost like a liae, but not this day.  It was an amazing sight, all day long.  We later heard that there had been a big storm out in the ocean.
 I went to stay with friends in La Manzanilla, a little beach village north of Calechosa.  It's always fun to take photos at sunset.  I was staying right on the beach and had fun just snapping one photo after
 another, just to see what I would end up with.  The one below, for me, looks almost like a woodcut.  It is definitely a favorite of mine.  Initially I had not even noticed the man throwing the stick for the dog.  What a fun discovery.  Out of the hundreds of photos I took over a seven week period, these for me are my favorites.  What do you think?


Barbara Lane said...

They're all wonderful but the one of the woman - you captured a solitary walk which is very moving - absent of what's going on around her to me this speaks of her alone with her thoughts, and leads me to wonder what she thinks about as she walks the beach day after day. Wouldn't you love to know her story? I would. This one's truly lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Kay Cox said...

Lovely! Good job but the first is my favorite. Perfect composition.

Babs said...

Thanks Barbara and Kay - Yes, that is my favorite too. Even though it looks like it is black and white, it is a color photo. Yes, I talked to the old woman and her life and the other vendors is not an easy or happy life at all. Very sad......

Retired Teacher said...

Beautiful photos! Hard to chose which one I like the best. The first one is full of human interest, but the seascapes are gorgeous also.

Babs said...

I always enjoy your photos Bill. They add so much to yur posts.