Monday, December 28, 2015

I'm Outtahere!

It has been a long time since I've said or written that phrase!  Too long.  I leave at O-dark-thirty in the morning heading West with the ultimate stop, a dead end road on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

My goal:  To watch the water for whales breaching and calving; to watch for the old oyster diver who free dives without oxygen or anything else and the fishermen with their nets that they set every night and then come every morning to gather their catches.  Every now and then I'll just sit and watch the waves, the sunsets or the giant shipping container ship way out on the horizon heading either to Lazaro Cardenas or who knows where.  And, who cares?  Not me.

Christmas is over.   The stockings have been opened as have all the packages that Matilda and Sebastian
received.  There was nothing that was not oohed and aaahed over, especially the remote controlled racing car that Sebastian received and the science kit that Matilda received from Santa.

Here are a few photos of Christmas 2015 so that my family and friends who are spread all over the world can enjoy.

 The first thing spotted by Sebastian was the combat helmet.  He has worn it for days!
 This is the moment of "shock and awe" when Matilda realized that she now had her own microscope, slides, and all the items to do experiments.  Which she did all afternoon.  We finally moved her out in the courtyard so that neither she or we had anything to worry about.  Ha........
     Scout is helping Sebastian in some way or the other to play with something. 
 Matilda has on her science experiment glasses to protect her eyes while she plays her new keyboard and holds the microphone that is going to launch her singing career on America's Got Talent!
                         The ring in her science kit was a hit as was her Micky Mouse watch.......still wearing the science experiment glasses.
 I don't know what experiment this was - possibly number 204 or something.

Sebastian was determined to get his racing car to go up the cardboard, Evel Kneivel style.  He finally succeeded with glee.

That's all folks!  It was quite a day.

And, so now, I shall quietly steal away to watch the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and feel those soft breezes caressing me as I sip a pina colada, every now and then.

Hope ya'll had a good Christmas too.


Calypso said...

Now for a little grown-up time grandma!Have fun and be safe.

Charles said...

About time! Safe travels amiga...I will be in PV for New Year's...but only a few days...keep us posted on your beach adventures...and have a wonderful and healthy 2016!

Tom said...

Enjoy the beach.

Retired Teacher said...

Have a safe and happy time on the beach! Will you be posting on the blog during your stay, or will it be a computer-free vacation?
Happy New Year, and ¡Buen viaje!

Unknown said...

We will take care of your beautiful house and think of you with those pina colladas while listening to the ocean, our other favorite thing to do. We thank you for all the generosity that you have shown us. Have a super great time at the beach, we will reluctantly leave for Vancouver on 29 February an sadly hand your house back to you. Cheers and have fun, S & P

Wetravelaround said...

Travel safe & enjoy!

Life's a Beach! said...

Can't wait to hear about the beach!

Anonymous said...

A purple microscope! I love it! And I love the fact that Mathilda's wild about biology AND wants to be a pop idol. May she she succeed at both!

Feliz año nuevo y buen viaje.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where once, long ago, we too had a microscope and lots of little slide glasses.

Bonnie G said...

Your grandchildren are lovely! Were they visiting you in Mexico? Have a wonderful time. Are you coming back to SMA?