Sunday, November 08, 2015

A Visit to Anado's - Casa Las Ranas

The last couple of weeks have been chock-a-block full of activities and festivities.  Most of it was Day of the
Dead events.  More then a mere mortal could possibly attend.  Well, at least this mere mortal.  Along with the traditional activities of building altars, visiting the cemeteries and being in the jardin at night to see all the stuff going on, there were also art openings, fairs, food events. Well, you get the idea!

In the midst of all of that there was also a 70th birthday party for one of the regulars at the wild and crazy Monday Coffee Klatch group.  It was held at Pizza Pig.  They have such good vegetarian pizzas.  You see they start out vegetarian and then we add home made Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, etc etc etc.  In addition, they have dessert pizzas made with fresh raspberries and chocolate dessert pizzas as well.  Stop by there sometime if you are in San Miguel.

Two delightful newcomers to San Miguel from Nashville were my guests to go visit Anado McLauchlin's
creative environment out in the country.  They both are friends of a good friend.  One was visiting and the other has moved here with her husband.  I am looking forward to getting to know them better.  We sure had
fun out at Anado's.

Anado and his partner moved to the San Miguel area about the same time I did.  They bought a plain jane house in the country and began to create a wonderland of color and creativity.  Not having visited out there
for at least five years, I was astonished that two more buildings have been added to the property.  The Chapel of Jimmy Ray, an homage to Anado's father and an art gallery for Anado's creations as well as other invited artists.

Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, what you are about to see is a lengthy conversation! The last five photos are the plain jane house that has been turned into an exuberant, joyful home that they share with multiple animals and the ever arriving tourists and friends.  You can click on the photos to see enlargements. Enjoy.


Villa Feliz said...

Fabulous photos ...thanks for sharing!

Rick said...

Those guys and that place are amazing. The epitome of freedom and creativity that San Miguel and Mexico lets thrive.
I met them about 8 years ago when they had just remodeled a home for clients near centro. The place had been a run down mess but once completed a sparkling delight of whimsy that put a smile on the face of everyone entering. Not as extreme as their rancho and quite discrete from the street but open the gate and wow!

Barbara Lane said...

Magnificent! Oh my! I so hope to see this in person soon. What a delight! Thank you ever so much for sharing!

Cheryl said...

I have been wanting to go there and see their creative home. Maybe one day!

Calypso said...

The great thing about Mexico is there is nothing over-the-top ;-) Great stuff!

Babs said...

Thanks Villa Feliz. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

Thanks Rick for telling us about your experience. The last trip, I think, I made to Anado and Richard's was when I took a group out there who are outsider art collectors and travel all over the USA seeing environments that the artists feel compelled to create. It's a fascinating genre of art. And, when you're in the country like Casa Las Ranas is, one can go wild. BUT in the town of San Miguel, especially in centro, there are really STRICT parameters.

Cheryl, its delightful to see Casa las Ranas and other unique places surrounding this area.

Calypso, you ARE so right. NOTHING is over-the-top in Mexico. A great reason that creativity thrives in this surreal country.

Babs said...

Barbara Lane it is a joy to see Anado's creation and meeting him is a delight as well.

Camping said...

Wow. That is an amazing place. Beautiful and personal... yet inviting. Nice.

Babs said...

Thanks for commenting The Neon Tetra. What a fascinating moniker. I'm glad you enjoyed Casa Las Ranas. A one of a king place, to put it mildly!

Droelma said...

Sometimes I think something must be really wrong with me. While I agree that the whole place, but especially your pictures look fantastic, my heartbeat increased by just looking at everything. I don't think I could visit for any length of time, but as a closet artist am amazed at the creativity, time and energy spent over such relatively short time with results that almost defy description.

Btw:Are you still planning to visit " La Capital " in November ?

Babs said...

Droelma, I always say, "To each his own" and Anado and Richard's house has been featured in many publications including, I think, the New York Times! So, that brings people to visit and to buy. They do work continuously along with a crew
that assists on all these endeavors.

Hoping to get down the week of the 16th, oh my, that is NEXT week. As time draws nigh, it becomes less and less likely. I've got one tenant leaving and another arriving along with needing to move my stuff from my house to the guest house for part of December.

Life is always something, here.

Mohamed Ali said...
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