Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Then and Now

The computer guru, Rodrigo came on Saturday afternoon to fix all things not working or messed up on the computer.  The list was up to eight items and I do make a list these days because otherwise it would be like going to the doctor and not being able to tell them all the things wrong with you.

On that list for Rodrigo was the fact that I could not find all the photos he had somehow removed from the crappy laptop that crashed shortly after he had supposedly removed all the photos over a period of about four years. 

When I asked him where I could find them, he did his magic and downloaded them to Picasa for me.
Thrilled is an understatement to describe my joy at seeing all these old photos.  Many great memories.
That is the only bad thing about having a digital camera, you can't leaf through hard copies as I used to do and shuffle them into stacks to copy etc.  It's there on the computer or not.

After a little over an hour with everything fixed, I paid him his requested amount 250 pesos, about $15USD and off he went.  I usually need to call him about once a year.

One of the photos just made me squeal with delight.  It was the photo taken in Colorado of Matilda and
Sebastian when he was two months old.  Here it is.
Hard to believe they were ever that little.  That was such a joyful visit to see these precious children.

And, here are two photos taken by a friend from Texas when she was visiting just a few weeks ago.
 John, Matilda and Sebastian waving on the street during the big Independence Day time frame.

And, with the ever present Mojigangas that lurk in the jardin during the weekends.  If you click on the photos, you can see the slit in the skirt where the man wearing the costume can see out!  It's a fun thing.

I was reflecting while looking at the photo of Mati and Seb in Colorado that in no way could I have ever
imagined that they would be living in San Miguel some day.  John so loved, and still does, love Colorado.
It is definitely his kind of place.  But, destiny intervened and brought them back here where Matilda was
born.  Glory days!

Life certainly can be a surprise,  can't it?


Retired Teacher said...

It's always fun to go through old photos, and even better to discover photos that you thought were lost!
Bet you are going to have a pleasant evening going through all of them.

Calypso said...

We do not miss Colorado. For us it was good for a time but it got ridiculously expensive and government was becoming oppressive. We are much happier in Mexico.

Babs said...

Interesting comment Calypso. John and his family were in Ft. Collins and loved it because he was starting dot com companies for investors and also had time to camp and hike. As a former wildlife biologist, that is his kind of place.
I don't know what you mean about the government becoming oppressive. Glad you found your niche in your two great places.......

Unknown said...

Those gypsy kids done good.

Babs said...

For sure, Small Potatoes! They are growing fast. Have missed hearing from you!