Friday, September 04, 2015

This is how we "roll" in Mexico!

Last Friday I was sitting on my favorite bench where I can see all the comings and goings in the jardin.
The place is so perfect that part of the bench is in the shade and another part is in the sun.  One cannot sit in the sun for very long at 6400 ft. elevation.  So, when I've had enough, I slide into the shade.

Several old friends came to the bench who I had not seen in months.  One of my favorites, Norman, has been a friend since before I moved to San Miguel.  We met on one of my visits.  Norm is now 89, but having survived a couple of cancers, a bad spine and who knows what else, he just keeps on keeping on.  His back hurts so much that it takes him quite a while to walk a few blocks home.  He must stop at certain places to wait until the pain subsides.  Complain?  Never.  He has that deep throaty urchin laugh that just draws you in.

I was so happy to see him last week.  Norm lives in a two story place with the bedroom upstairs.  The idea of him climbing two flights of stairs makes me worry, as it does his many friends.  He recently got handrails after living there fifteen years.

So, I said to Norm that I had a friend who has a one floor fabulous casita right near where he lives.  No stairs, beautiful gardens, lovely light filled and gorgeous furnishings.  I said I wished he would consider
moving.  His answer "NO  WAY".  So I dropped it and didn't think another thing about it.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I get a call from my friend who has the casita.  We haven't talked since I saw Norm and I never told her about the exchange or anything.

She starts out the conversation by saying that such a strange but good thing happened on Monday.  An unknown person named Ken stopped by the house and said that Norm told him about the place.  Okay,
I never even gave Norm the address!  He asked if he could see it.  He loved it and rented it for 5 months next summer.

I started laughing as she said she wondered who Norm is.  Then when she hesitated, I told her the story.
We both laughed as it IS the way things happen here.  Word of mouth.  That is how we "roll".  NOT big ads, not big agents, but Word of mouth.  Great, isn't it?

In fact, that is how I found the two houses that I have had for 15 years.  A woman sat down on the bench next to me.  We started talking.  I said I was looking for a place.  She said she and her boyfriend were breaking up and wanted someone to take over the lease on two houses.  They also wanted to sell all the furniture in the houses.  The rest is history.  Word of mouth.

As you can see from the photo taken last Friday, there is ALWAYS something going on in the jardin.  Here it shows not only construction on a statue on a high column, but a funeral and lots of people just walking around.  Lots of Word of mouth going on..........


Steve Cotton said...

Maybe you will "word of mout" me if you ever choose to move on from your compound.

Calypso said...

Around these parts that's commission worthy ;-)

You know put your money where my mouth is....

lauriec said...

Fun story - love this community. I'm looking for a place just like this casita for a while next year - flexible on dates so if you can share the contact please do!

Chapel Hill ( and part time in SMA)?

Babs said...

To all who have inquired about the light, airy, beautifully furnished casita in the heart of the Centro, three blocks from the jardin that can be rented short term or long, here is the email to inquire about availability, photos and rental rates.

Please let them know that you found this on the blog post. Thanks.

Babs said...

Steve Cotton, let's talk when I"m over at the beach........surely we can work something out.

John, these are dear friends who have the casita. I would hate to ask for a commission, but I am contemplating offering concierge services.

Here's the story, and why I'm thinking about this. One woman, who I don't know and who found me on the blog asked for an attorney, a realtor and someone to have an Estate Sale after her mother's passing. She used all of the people that I recommended and never even contacted me while in SMA or even offered coffee. I still can't get over that.........we'll see. I sure could use a few coins, or more, ha.