Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the Back Roads of Mexico.............Vizarron Again!

In June, I took some friends to Vizarron on the way to the Sierra Gorda.  It is a "marble" village with big areas where stone is mined and brought to be made into tile, terrazzo and furniture or ornaments for cemeteries.

I wanted a short pedestal to use as a side table next to my reading chair in the living room and knew that I could get one there.  The guys were "game for a road trip".  And, off we went.

While there, we walked the main street and found a shop where the man hand made slippers and shoes.
They are lined with alpaca and the skins are all kinds of things.  Beautiful.

As will happen, after returning to San Miguel in June,  it weighed on the the guys that they had not bought more shoes and slippers along with pedestals as I had purchased.

So, another road trip happened last week.
 Here is the pedestal that I purchased in June. You can put a small uplight inside if you wish to give a whole other look as seen in the photo below.
 These little altars are everywhere in Mexico.  This one happened to be next to the banos at the Pemex station somewhere on the road to Vizarron.  Sweet, isn't it?
 One never knows what one will see.........from the altars to a stretch limousine in Vizarron!  I'm still amazed at this.  The website painted on the car had Vizarron in the name.  Now to say Vizarron is in the middle of nowhere is not an put it mildly.
 One would never know there was any reason to stop here unless you knew to stop here.  I had done just that about seven years ago and remembered the beautiful marble items for sale in a couple of shops.  Most are exported or sold in shops in cities in Mexico..........for much, much more money.
This little teeny, weeny shoe shop has glorious things.  Slippers and shoes for all ages.  Articles on the wall are about the shoe maker who is quite well known in Mexico!  I actually saw some of these shoes in the Sundance catalog recently..........who knew?  We sat on a stool, tried on shoes to find the right sizes and left with about seven pairs of shoes and slippers to be given as Christmas gifts. See the little childrens' slippers hanging on the wall?
 We walked into the shops that were open and found all kinds of beautiful items made from marble, onyx and granite.  At the shop where I had bought my pedestal, they had two like mine, but they were too tall.  The man suggested that if we left for an hour, he could cut them to the height we wanted and we could come back and pick them up.  We did and he did.  We found a new little hotel in Vizarron, thanks to the shop owner, and all head lunch there, picked up the pedestals and headed back toward home.
 Along the way, the views, to me are spectacular.  Of course, I love open roads...........
                                              Sheep grazing along the way with shepherds nearby.
  We DID have to go through Eziekiel Montes , a town with construction going on.  The traffic jam of a horse, a double long truck and many cars reminded us we were returning to civilization.  Darn.

But, all in all, it was a fun day as always.  For me, it is ALWAYS great to get out on the roads and explore.

Next trip, will be to the French cashmere factory that few are aware of or the village that makes Christmas decorations or the abandoned railroad bed near San Miguel or to Timmyland.  See, there is so much to see and so little time! 

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